Samael = kammael?

I need to work with the martian archangel … who is he and what his seal …thank you

It’s horrible, isn’t it, that there must be servers out there hosting websites where people have shared that info, and yet there’s no network, no kind of interlinked-network, for you to find that - and even if such a thing existed (let’s call it the “inter-net” for example) there’s no way you can search those other people’s computers and webpages.

I really feel your frustration, I for one don’t know where you’d start to find for example the sigil for the archangel related to Mars.

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He he he But of course,it must seem chumpically stupid :wink: just thought I’d ask here since this community actually works with the spirits. LOVED the sarcasm .ROLFMAO

Lots of the links that came up are to blogs by practicing magicians, or sites about magick - your OP seemed to be looking for basic info, which is probably best sourced online.

What led you to want to work with this entity, if you don’t know much about them? Just being nosy, you didn’t give us much to go on! :wink:

I’ve worked with martian energies before and I just got a situ that needs that kinda energy.well,let me paraphrase, is the archangel of mars kamael or samael or are they one and the same :wink: