Samael and Pluto

I’m reading ‘Awakening Lucifer’ and I have a question about Lucifer Samael.
Samael is the Aspect of Lucifer that have to do with change.
It’s written that under His energies we can break relationships and make some changes in our lives.
The same, in astrology, happens with Pluto.
So, I’m wondering if Samael can be associated, in some aspects, with this planet.


Samael is associated with Mars. There is no link to Pluto as far as the theory goes.


No. They have two very different energies.


He means the transgression ritual where you drink the poison of Samael to be illuminated. This triggers inner transgression. And they link that to Lucifer because it’s one of it’s aspects (illuminating) . They are discussing masks in the book ‘Awakening Lucifer’.
Remember their different entities, but there methods can be alike.

A mask could be explained as different entities from the same archetype. It’s quite theoretical.

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