Samael And Asmodeus Question

Recently i asked my magician friend to take me under his wings and teach me and he gave me a job to study up on Samael,and Asmodeus but i keep getting sites relating to The Angels Of Sacred Prostitution of Lillith,Agrat-bat-Mahlat,Eisheth Zenunim,and Naamah which is fine and dandy which is what is related to what i’m going to do with them but i want some actual and trustworthy sites that i can study on Samael,and Asmodeus.Because i want to take on their personalities but develop a relationship with them first.Any good sites would be appreciated.

I’d go with a more mainstream twist and try wikipeda, then branch out with terms from there. This will give you access to more current egregoric mask info and might flesh out the more esoteric sources you come across.

Also you can usually follow up on many leads from there and use it to check the veracity, as those pages are usually vetted pretty well, even if they leave out things and have opinionated slants… just keep in mind the perspective it’s written from and you might get some good starting points.

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Best sources? Books. I did a ton of research on a lot of entities via the web and wholeheartedly, they’re false. One website states Muriel is the Angel of Mercy while Samael is basically a War Angel. If you need, I can link them. Best best is to check out some of the more establish books like Kabbalah by Gershom Scholem. He has an entire section of Samael and Lilith.

Here’s some information off-hand (without remembering the source): Samael is considered by most to be the Biblical Angel of Death. Some postulate he was the inspiration to the Christian Satan. Some think he’s the demon/angel Choronzon. There isn’t any real information that specifically links the two. Some of the Black Magick books I have don’t list him but they do Asmodeus. However, Samael is Hebrew for “Venom of God,” as there is this old Jewish legend that states he drips venom from the tip of his blade into the person he needs to kill, thereby paralyzing them- similar to snake bites and nasty spiders. I’ve never summoned or evoked him. I don’t have the space for a summoning circle so… there’s that. Not sure what is signs and sigils are but he IS also referenced on the Kelliphot. I forget which sphere however.

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Thanks for the information.So far on Samael it’s basically a core of the same info of him from what i can gather of him.I’m starting to get a big picture of his ‘persona’ depending on what view of him is read.I’m taking the route of godhood instead of ‘reconciliation to god/source’ building my own kingdom which is part of what i’m trying to achieve with Samael and Asmodeus along with the four Queens.That link would be appreciated and i’ll check that book out when i have funds to buy it.