Salvia divinorum and summoning?

Has anyone experimented with the use of this combined with summoning one of the spirits from the BOA? If so did the drug improve the success of the ritual?

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I’ve only found use in the pure leaf. The extracts will ruin focus. I actually have not used salvia with spirits in the BOA but have with many other entities. Salvia in my opinion is better suited for meditation then for ritual engagement of entities. You do not need salvia to communicate with entities, It actually works better for telepathy with other people and divination.


Better to not rely on tools like drugs


I can honestly say the one time I accidentally dropped 8 tabs of acid, I was in a near ascended state, where I went far beyond hearing colors and seeing sounds. All my senses were plugged into each other as well as the psychic sense, simultaneously. I felt like a cosmic cloud walking around feeling and sensing everything through my aura more consciously than my body. Then I got to see matter and time break down into the same thing, consciousness. Because of my understanding of quantum mechanics, I was able to use this and empower magick ritual to alter time.

I actually tested this successfully, and as soon as I get a chance to (I have a lot of other spirits to work with first), I will evoke Ahk’lah’tesh (BOA) One of his signature notes is that he can teach you rituals that will effect the past, and can open gateways into the future beyond through which you can travel to view decades or even centuries beyond.

If not for LSD I don’t know if I could believe in that spirit’s abilities, much less approach it with a working model of what it can teach.

Knowledge is knowledge, and there are plenty of Shaman who use drugs and reliably pull back knowledge that they sought after, spoke to spirits, or talked to the dead.

But my personal opinion is that undead god is right, Saliva is less suited to what you want to do. There are other drugs that might work, but having evoked under the influence, I can say sometimes this is a bad idea even with a good substance, it could make the ritual a good deal harder, which can be too much if you weren’t prepared in the first place.

Despite how life changing that acid trip was, it was a joke compared to evoking an entity to visible manifestation, and asking it to show me the structure of the universe through math.

The power of a proper evocation needs no drugs, and through your pineal gland releasing DMT, it will probably be far more powerful than any other hallucinogen or drug would be.

Best of Luck,
-Frater Apotheosis

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