Salutations to bearers of the Light, and those at One with the Darkness

Yo, You can call Me Ox. I’m a new comer and a late bloomer. There’s very little I have to say bout Myself. You can feel free to ask Me personally anything You might want to know. Not to be overly mysterious, but mostly because I wouldn’t know where to begin. Not to mention answering questions is much more fun for Me. Do I “practice” ? No, I wouldn’t think of it that way… at times I do practice techniques and intend to do more so in the future; although I’m more so contemplative of the arts, trying to discern the underlying principles at work behind the “veils” and materialization of intent. To better know and comprehend (however impossible seeming), the subsequent “forces” that usher and shape circumstance, regardless of the cultural context used to describe them. Planetary and Astrological “magick” of almost any manner interests Me; Indigenous Spiritual systems and “Chaos magick” also. But there’s plenty other topics that are all fair game to Me, as I’m here to learn something. So, I greet You in this Spirit of wisdom seeking.
Howl at Me…

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Maybe you could discuss a little more things you might consider that you have affinities for, like if you associate or find yourself particularly attracted to or interested in or associating yourself with any particular symbols, animals, god names, whatever really or if any things seem to keep popping up regularly in your experience or in media you come by or anything like that? I’m interested in finding out that sort of thing from anyone who might be willing to think about it and discuss it.

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Also, how do define “practice” and perhaps also “non-practice”. What do you imagine or feel qualifies and disqualifies one from being considered a practitioner, and of what?

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Hi. Firstly, glad to communicate with You, and thank You. Your last question first: by practice, I mean a specific discipline of accomplishment. My approach is casual in comparison to many practitioners I’ve exchanged with. First question: I’m not associated with any symbols in particular, Yes I have animal totems I perceive to “walk” with Me, I have Deities whom I’m born under that walk with Me and so forth. I don’t speak much openly about them nor make too many claims about them however. I’m of the mindset that such things are personal in a way… I’m sure with time You’d be able to figure out at least some of them however, lol. Yes, things frequently “pop” up synchronistically depending where My attention is , Numbers, Words, Themes, Animals, People, Places, ect. Extreme Dejavu and pronounced/definite/vivid impressions/flashes/visions, that sort of thing. People saying and doing things exactly as I’ve imagined they would… to the tee. It’s been this way for years now. I spend most of My time unraveling what I perceive to be responsible for all this, out of sheer necessity half the time. So really I didn’t choose it, as much as it choose Me (whatever “it” is). It doesn’t happen as much lately, but I believe I’ve discovered the switch to generally “turn it up”, but considering how long I’ve struggled to figure out how to “turn it off” I’m not surprised It’s much more manageable now. I’ve assembled an interesting theory or insight or two concerning such things. I’d love to hear some of Yours. I also can expound a bit further on any answer I’ve just given if You like… if possible.

I would like further on all that you’ve mentioned, such as the switch and turning it up or down and whenever you might be more comfortable to talk about those animals or gods or symbols or why you might not feel too free or comfortable to discuss them, just to understand a bit more if possible or if you deem there to be some threat in doing so or what you think can be done.

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There’s a certain potency in secrecy that compliments sacredness. Not to say that sharing any of that stuff is taboo, it’s not. Just not normally how I’d make an introduction. Also, the concept of “erasing Your personal history” as spoken of in Carlos Casteneda’s Journey to Ixtlan , has much to do with why. I assure You, it’s not My intention to be difficult, but I guess I gotta grease the wheels of introduction somehow, otherwise I’m just a spectator here lol. The Gods and symbols are just the cultural reawakening of My awareness to confirmation biases of My Ancestral past perhaps. The more I learn and reconnect to belief structures inherent to My genetic make up… the more I communicate with specific expression of these forces, and are distinguishable in My life. I can say that much. However, much like You said about the description of an aspect of water, isn’t exclusive to any one group. I’m more concerned about how those descriptions were derived and why, than itemizing the content of those descriptions themselves. Those details about Myself are interchangeable with Your Gods, Totems, and Symbols from this standpoint. My quest is, what is fundamentally true about how we all develop descriptions of the world? How our selective attention, feeds our confirmation biases, that in turn structure our beliefs and expectations into the fabric of potential realities… as well as how adopting past traditional rationale, can actually help us align with similar strands of consciousness as the ancestors and better comprehend their descriptions of nature, to implement in modern “practice”. I think this is a case where more is revealed, the less I have to say about it.

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