Salt protection in jars

So as I don’t really practice baneful magick but now have someone bothering my other friendships enough to want to do a poison jar, or curse etc to teach them a lesson and reveal the shit I have put up with to others by them being on the end instead for once with this person

I want to be sure I don’t physically harm this person or anyone else with it, Just open some eyes and get the person to realise nobody needs their bullshit and they owe me an apology and I noticed watching a few videos people were adding salt saying it was for protection against it actually causing anything too severe like death

Experiences/thoughts? Like I wanna do it but a safety measure would be good!

Just summon a entity like King Paimon or Belial to make sure they get punish till they apologize.


Thanks. I’ll give them a go. It’s not my normal way of working and haven’t had massive success in the past but why not… no harm in trying