Publicly thanking sallos, i opened his sigil and asked him to bring me a lover…he created two opportunities for me within 2 weeks but due to personal reason i didnt go with them, however, sallos done what was asked of him with remarkable speed!!


Hahaha, seems he somtimes haves a hard time, with us humans.
Had a similar expierience with Sallos.

Kinda reminds me to the old tale saying: “Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.”

Well, yes, Sallos is doin great stuff.

I can’t remember exactly, but i belive the fastest delivery he had for me, was in 2 Days or so. :wink:

Best Regards,



Hi, I’m looking for help in this matter too. I’m very attracted to a woman at work. We’ve been getting along quite well and recently she suggested we have a night out. Unfortunately that didn’t happen (due to other commitments) and I’m unsure how she sees me. I sense it could (possibly) be more than friendship a woman doesn’t ask a bloke out for the heck of it!!
Anyway, I want a loving relationship with her and can’t stop thinking about her.
How would I summon Sallos to speedily help in this matter?
I’ve also read that Zepar is another to help with such matters. I’m very new to this and inexperienced.
Any help/advise would be most welcome.

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Any advice please?

Summon sallos. Search the forum for information on evocation. This board is a gold mine of information on the subject.

I recently summoned Gremory and requested a glamour to attract women, and make a woman Im interested in fall in love with me. Within only two days I’d been contacted flirtatiously by 5 different women and I’m now dating the ritual target. I’ve never worked with sallos personally but I can vouche for Gremory. He will not disappoint.


Thank you so much!!! :grinning:
I’m truly in awe of you all for understanding my situation and for helping.
I’ve gone through life tumbling along with very little help, ecpecially from the fake g@d I was led to believe in.

I will carry out some research on Sallos from this forum and definitely summon the great duke for assistance.



You’re in the right place. If you really put this stuff to practice and learn to utilize your own god like power I promise you can attain anything your heart desires and more. No longer will you be a leaf at the mercy of the wind. You are the god of your own universe, and your body is youre throne.


So I found a little info on summoning Sallos:

aka: Saleos, Zaleos
Rank: Duke
Legions: 30
Strongest: Mid to late June
Demon Summoning: Daytime, red candles, silver (metal), water, aster (plant)

Summoners should use red candles and wear a ring of silver during the conjuration.

I don’t have a silver ring and no one else has mentioned this from what I’ve been researching so far. Is the ring neccsary?

If anyone has summond Sallos using different methods please let me know.

I feel that the women I’m trying to have a relationship with is slipping away, not sure what’s going on as everything was sweet but now she’s acting different on us meeting up.
Please help!


I’m guessing you got that from the joys of Satan website? I wouldn’t bother with that. Just get the sigil of sallos off of Google, then follow this:


Thank you Verdo,

I’ve just finished performing summoning Sallos I lit a red candle in a small quite room and followed the steps listed by E A Keotting.
I tried very hard to gaze at the Sigil but did not experience the ‘flash’ described in step 6.

I expressed my desire to Duke Sallos for my desire to have a relationship with the women I’m attracted to the best I could. I ended the summoning thanking him and giving him permission to leave.

I didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary, I was very conscious in getting my first summoning right so not sure if I was ‘tuned’ in fully. If this summoning does not work then what should I do?

Any advice/thoughts?


Now what you need to do is forget about the ritual completely as if it never happened. Detach yourself from the desire you had during the ritual and go about your life. If everything was done properly, results will show up unexpectedly

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So, nothing much has happened for me since the summoning.
I’ve found it hard to detach myself from her to be honest, I’ve probably fucked the whole thing up.
She suddenly been elusive so things really aren’t going my way and I’m afraid I’m loosing her.

Trying so hard but not succeeding :pensive:

It has just been 4 days tho, be patient and I know for a fact that detaching yourself is hard but you should just try and keep yourself busy with other things :slight_smile:

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So a couple of days ago nothing seemed to be happening in the way of getting further to my goal.
I was impatient (sorry guys, i know you told me to hang in there) and it got the better of me. I had a long walk home and time to think and decided to take this opportunity to speak with Lord Satan/Lucifer as I wasn’t feeling any progress. I then had a chat with duke Sallos and expressed how important my desire was to me and ask for forgiveness if I had done anything wrong during my summoning of him. I thanked them all for their time to listen to me and expressed how much I would like to connect with them spiritually and psychicly. I’m not in tune in this medium and though I’ve tried meditation and tried to find my third eye but been unsuccessful so far.

All of a sudden as I got nearer to home I felt a lift, a reassurance that Sallos had acknowledged my desire, he calmed me down and, my Lord made me feel that he had also listened to me and spoke with the Duke. I now have a feeling of positives and reassurance, and whilst this my take some time, I will be rewarded soon. Quite the opposite of what I was feeling before.



Excuse me Verdo do I need a red candle to summon Duke Sallos.? I have a silver ring in my hand

I’d have a red and black as well as a silver ring on your ring finger (any finger) and during the day! He’s so nice and kind!

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you dont really “need” anything. The candle is more for you than the spirit


I always summon Sallos.He is very strong and quick.

You guys think Sallos can help me get my ex back for good?

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Wow cool I have never tried that