Sallos sigil as a tattoo

I would like to know everyones experience with sigil tattoos. What should I expect ?


Anything ???

I cannot provide any information from personal experience, but I don’t think I would put anybody’s sigil on myself. I’m just not interested in branding myself like I’m livestock. It would make me feel like I belong to them.


I think that the good Duke would get quite the kick out of it, but I do not think that it would be a good idea. If I remember, I will ask Duke Sallos about it next time I speak with him. I’m sure he will tell me its a great idea.

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There have been a few other threads in this direction from what i remember of them, the tattoo becomes a permanent gateway for the energy of that entity.

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I wonder if you need to “open it” every so often.
Depending on where the tattoo is, it could be a serious pain in the ass to gaze at it for any amount of time. :joy:

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From my understanding of it the combination of blood and physical sensations while its being made will work to open the sigil. If it is an option i would think you could incorporate a formal ritual with the tattoo process if you know an artist who is inclined to help

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I’m sure tattoo artists are used to all kinds of weird stuff. They would probably just shake their head and say “whatever.”

Whom would be an ideal Sigil to get tattooed? Say you want to have a more charismatic energy.