Sallos ritual did it work?

Hey there i have a question i try to summon sallos vut it diddnt work. What die go wrong?
try to summon on a different place.

I made a sigil with my blood red inkt and burn hair. Than i draw a sigil just with red inkt. I did it this time outside. I draw a star a big one on the ground. And every corner a candel. I had a mirror with some candle stuf on the mirror. I summon sallos with one sigile under the mirror. And a pic of my ex gf. I had a big candle in my hand. And a ouija bord. First i diddnt work. But than i burn the normal drawing sigile. ( the blood one was onder the mirror) than i felt chill. And i summon him again. Ad that moment i saw a silent hillface on my face. It was strange and the chill it was first scary. But that was over soon alone in the dark woods and i diddnt feel scared. My face was white no eyes and a strange mouth. Of was like this
l l
Than i als him to help me and what i willen to give in return. There was a heavy wind sometime but the candle diddnt blow out. When i was done i felt the chill again. And i say thank you sallos for making this pact with me. I confirm the pact one more time and the figure in mirror was moving. He diddnt respon on the ouija bord. But when i told him im end this ritueal you are free to do what you want if you go back or stay with me a little do it in peace. I love hou sallos. Than i put on my bord i do it in my back. And littlery ( no strong wind) when i look in the mirror. All of the candle and i mean all of them 7 total blows out. Just in ons second everything was dark. And the figure in the mirror was gone.
I was also happy after the summoning but nothing has happend yet.
Oh was a week ago. And thing where go wrong more and more. She even blocked me on everything. Even her fam did.

Is this a good experians? Also that je put al the candle out?

Is te pact and bond i have with him active now? I hope someone can explaim me what and how!

Hail and love sallos❤

I’m still going about my day believing my ritual worked too. Just a question. Can you do another ritual with the same Sigil you used in a previously ritual?

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Yes you can

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