Sallos for reconciliation

I’m new here but I’ve been lurking for some time now on this site and it has helped me tremendously to learn.I’m trying to bring back my ex ( I know you’ve heard this a million times before). I called sallos using his sigil which I drew up in blood (menstrual) and charged it to the best of my ability. I didn’t feel his presence but I proceeded to respectfully tell him what I needed from him and what I could give him in return. I’m also working with poppets to try and draw him back to me. I’m determined to get him back and will stop at nothing to put my family back together. If you guys have some suggestions on what else I can do I’d appreciate it. I’ve worked with king paimon before successfully and I also tried to call Dantalion with no success. I’ve also tried many candle spells with little to no success.


I know of a member here that has been working with Sitri on similar matters and has been seeing results rather quickly.

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Great! Well I was considering sitri but I decided with sallos instead because I felt more drawn to this demon

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Duke Sallos is the man! I have worked with him a lot. Be patient, he will come through.


Working with Sallos is always fine and dandy… Have you tried inviting him to coffee first? I assume so, but it’s always good to ask


Sallos is such a kind hearted spirit ! I’d defiantly keep it up and show dedications! Honestly his energy is so relaxing :relieved:


I can’t wait to work with the great Duke Sallos


Duke Sallos is a very caring and helpful God. Spend time with him and talk to him regularly and he’ll be there for you.


Can the great Duke Sallos make a specific guy love me?

With the great Duke Sallos yes, this is possible with focus and concentration. Remember as I learned myself do not put a time constraint on the Grand Duke, as time has no meaning to the Gods. But once you form a relationship with the Duke he will make things happen beyond expectation.


Hey can u pm me.i need some help.

@dollarvaluemenu please pm me I need your help.Being a basic member I do not have facility to pm you

Any update?

@dollarvaluemenu can i send you a DM regarding Duke Sallos?


@dollarvaluemenu I cant find out how to dm you. So anyway someone asked me to do a spell for them to reconcile him and his wife. I am planning on asking Sallos to help with this. What is the best way to go ablut doing this?

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@DarkestKnight that would expalin it lol

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Use ritual 1 from the Demons of Magick book by Gordon Winterfield.

@dollarvaluemenu thanks!