Sallos at work already?

I’ve been consulting Sallos about a lady. I’ve learned to open, chant etc. I’m almost positive I’ve connected. She posted a random pic of a lady being seduced from behind by a demon. She posted other hints as to wanting somebody that she’s being held back from. Could she be feeling Sallos and my love already?

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If you did the ritual and felt the connection all you have left to do is let it go so sallos can get to work.

Constantly thinking about interferes with the energy and constantly evoking sallos for updates is the same as micromanaging a project to the point nothing gets done. If it had been a few weeks then ya that would make sense to do some divinations on the working and evoke sallos to see if there was something that halted the work.

Also remember you still have to do work on your end.


Right. I get that. I’m out of contact with her right now. So I’m looking for opportunities to run into her like I used too. I do have minor ways of checking progress though. Long childish story. We used this site to tease one another, playing it off in person. I find it strange she posted a pic from a grimore site. Other hints too. I’m keeping my distance, enjoying the energy. I’m not focused on the out come too much. Could she be feeling it though?

No clue every situation is different and therefore most manifestion of magick is different. Though you may wanna consider be a bit more direct in your interactions with this girl. Kinda hard to fall for anyone if you don’t interact with them.

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