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Any sales spells , entities or long term solutions for constant , frequent sales ? I’ve heard a couple success stories . And I’m looking for long term sales solutions for consistent sales .

I am not certain if there are any spells specific for “SALES” - though I could be wrong, however, for something as such, you can work with entities who can manipulate one’s perception and emotions so they see things your way and take actions that align with your desired outcomes

Maybe even mix them up with some entities that also dealt with money matters

I’m sure if you search for “Demons to control emotions - perception” in the search function, you’ll get some results

In actual fact you are kinda wrong

Because firstly Damon brand, Jason Miller, Henry archer and various other occultists speak about Magick for sales and the useful entities for such enterprises. There are actual spells, entities and spirits for sales and business growth .

It’s just that most of these entities aren’t wildly known . Which is why this forum was created for people to discuss these things

Well, there you go

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