Salanyus - My Demonic Child

Hail to Salanayus my son

You’ve developed beyond my wildest dreams

Belial, Lucifer, Azazel and Me are your fathers and you’ve made us in awe at your power and knowledge.

You’ve become the guardian of the nexus, You are the bloody mace, the demon of power


Even your sigil oozes with power, i truly have never met something quite like you

I don’t think i ever will

May Salanayus connect to you all brothers and sisters


Conner Kendall.


Very nice. Thank you for sharing. We can work with him? Any advice, likes warnings? I love both the pic and the sigil!

One day, your child will be like, " Daddy, I have a demon brother? Let’s say hi! :grinning:"

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When I first looked at the sigil I was only able to see the top because I was reading but while I was doing that the left and right side of my third eye throbbed until I caved and stopped reading to look at it. The throbbing sensation felt like liquid as it flowed into my third eye as I looked upon the sigil.

Fuckin’ RIGHTEOUS!!! I dig it!! I FUCKING DIG IT!! HAIL SALANAYUS! I resonate a whole shit ton with this, it’s so beautiful. As you say it does ooze. I will charge it if you’d like? Thank you.

Actually, I can’t charge it, I feel I am being charged by it… Again, THANK YOU!!