Saksaksalim report

As suggested, I am creaing a diary with the demon Saksaksalim. Here I drop my first impressions and experiences with him. Just a collection of gnosis.

A few months back, a group of “aryan extremists” german bikers with franchises all over the globe had just landed in my country. They were promoting violence against people of colour, punks and pretty much everyone, as I live in South America. Quickly enough, videos and photos or their acivity were all over the news, which made them quiet.

As a black magician, I naturally thought about what magick could you in order to dismantle such groups. There is no way I’ll be silent about “aryans” fucking around, doing bad things and taking out lives based on absurd ideologies.

During my research, I came across the spirit Saksaksalim and Lilith as allies to destroy inequity and ask for justice. I wanted to do something not only for myself, but for every social group that gets targeted everyday all over the country.

And I forgot about this subject. I’ve let it sink. A week ago, I was hanging out with long time friends at a bar and an “aryan” fella selling cigarettes came to our table, offering his goods. We declined. I didn’t realize the guy was and actual “aryan” until one of my friends told me about the t-shirt, the hair and the guy’s attitude. He was a threat, no matter what.

For a minute, I felt in danger. You see, I’m native american - so there you go. These guys are usually carrying a handgun.

After that, Saksaksalim appeared to me astrally and presented himself. He said “see? these things can happen”. I took that for an advice, but also for a provocative statement - not in a bad way, of course - but to force me to reflect upon my enemies. They see me as target, so I better protect myself and attack these groups wisely.

He talked about many things regarding my own paranoias and guilt trips, which helped a lot. Right now we’re working on my chakras, opening and empowering each one of them with a different kind of energy, something of Saksaksalim’s on signature. It’s a purple vibrant energy filled with lightining. I can already notice the differences in my mood and energy body.

This guy is humorous. Saksaksalim can be very chill and eloquent, but just as funny and careless. This might illustrate his alchemical powers, which are insane. He can attain both extremes at the same time, male and female, yan and yang, chaos and order. Both seem to flow around him without conflict.

For now, I can say that Saksaksalim is very good with defense, getting rid of mind confusion, chakra work, charm, strategy and astral work. I’ll come back to tell you more…