Saints on Novena candles?

I am sure many of you have noticed the Saint candles in stores.

I have one and it has a sort of plastic coating on the outside of it that has the picture of the Saint.

Is there anyway to get some of that sort of plastic and put an Angel Sigil/Seal on it instead of a Saint.

In short, I want to make my own little plastic candle wrappers.

Is there special heat resistant plastic I can buy and put in my computers printer?
Can I buy heat resistant plastic and trace over it by hand?

I could draw it on the glass of the candle itself with liquid chalk, I write names on the candles that way, but I am a pretty horrible artist.
So if it can be printed onto the plastic that would be way better.

Thank you

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You can buy a candle with a transparent plastic and draw on it, or, do it just like me, draw the sigil on the candle itself


I have liquid chalk for names and stuff, but I draw like crap. So a printed version might be better.

Maybe I will look at Michaels Crafts or something like that.

Yeah you can get the blank colored candles just about anywhere, it’s funny you post this because I was thinking about creating my own candles with my own artwork on them and I was also trying to figure out how best to put the artwork on the outside of the candle.
I was thinking of using black sharpie to draw the artwork/ sigils, And then using colored sharpies to color in the art. I wanted to make a big collection of these, angels and other spirits.

You might be able to try and make your own label out of paper and paste it onto the candle using liquid glue or a hot glue gun. Even if it gets hot I don’t think the paper will come off very easily, and there is no reason the paper (or the glass) should be burned at all unless the candlewick is too close to the glass (if it’s not centered properly) My only advice to be safe, as it is still fire, candle safety and all that.

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