Saint Magick - Novenas - 7 or 9 day candles

Can someone recommend a good book on contacting Saints for intercession.

I am pretty sure I am going to buy a Talisman. So I was thinking, what better/safer way for a RHP guy to get used to talking to spirits than by talking to a Saint. What could go wrong?
(I am also considering a Solomon talisman, but Saints seem like the shallow end of the pool, like a good way for me to ease my way into talking to a spirit) (maybe from Saint I can move on to approaching an Angel using Damon Brand method)

Catholics don’t seem to call them talismans, they call them pendants, when it comes to Saints.
If I have a pendant with a Saints picture and name on it shouldn’t that make for a good talisman, talisman for my purposes.

I would assume I should do some sort of 9 day ritual to say hello to the Saint, let him have a look at me and see what he thinks, before I start demanding stuff or trying to power up talismans.

Where can I get a good book on how to approach and work with Saints?

Thank you for considering this question