Saint Helen love spell

In my country (Italy) there is a famous love spell that comes from Santeria. In the ritual you have to use three golden nails, one in the picture of the lover and a piece of green fabric, one that you have to throw into a river and one that you have to keep. While you’re doing this you have to tell a prayer to Saint Helen (To the spirit connected with her in Santeria) to make the lover come back and they won’t be able to sleep or eat without you. This is considered a powerful and dangerous ritual because it’s difficult to delete its effects and the lover comes back violent and jealous. I didn’t find literally anything about this rite in foreign forums or websites, do you know anything about it or Saint Helen in Santeria?


1:3 gold colored nails;
2:Photo of the loved one;
3:Image of S. Helena (it’s good also the computer-printed image)
4:A green cloth.
Crescent moon. Do not practice in the full moon as it is assumed that those who do it, have big problems with the couple, the full moon will only accentuate them. Then always opt for the Ascending Moon.
Place the image of St. Elena on the green cloth and proceed to the following invocation:
“Oh, Glorious Sant’Elena, the beloved mother of King Constantine, you who
daughter of king and queen, at Mount Oliveto you revered for great love to
Jesus, listen to me. I invoke your powerful intercession to achieve
what I want. These three nails of our Lord Jesus Christ,
Imitation of those you possess, I dispose of them as you do
I offer one to your great son Constantine, the other is
jet in the water (a source, a sea, a brook or a snare, but for those who can not go to any of these places can also put it in the sink while running the water) as you do
you are throwing in the sea for the sailors’ salvation, the third one inflicts
in the image of … (name of the person) to nail his heart,
so that he can not feel love for any woman until, for
your intercession, he does not give up on my tears. If I will be
given what I ask for your mediation, I will be devoted to all of you
centuries, amen”


Thank you! Why is it as powerful as everyone says?

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Is this only to bring men to women? Or does it work vice versa?

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for men and women it is. I do not know if it is very powerful I have not tried it yet.:slight_smile:

you only said one part about the cloth and picture of the saint. so what about the other ingredients?

The person you are replying to hasn’t been on the forum since 2017 so is unlikely to respond to you.

Hami rem a italian author in his book say tat spell but later the santa elena picture was banned, he give the full pray. I tnk its enghlish and italian versions, on ris books, cool honest guy.

can you send me an image of her i couldn’t find one.

According to legend, when Santa Elena found the True Cross, she also discovered three nails used for the Crucifixion. Two were used conventionally (one was preserved as a relic, the second thrown into the sea for the salvation of drowned sailors) but Santa Elena dedicated the third nail to the lovers of the world so that they would be preserved from heartache. This legend forms the basis for various love spells dedicated to Santa Elena. This one is derived from the sixteenth-century grimorio The Book of San Cipriano and Santa Justina.

Place a medal or other votive image of Santa Elena atop a piece of green silk.
Hammer three golden nails into the silk.
Pray, petition, and burn candles for Santa Elena. Tell her what you need; remind her that one candle is meant for lovers.
Remove one nail from the silk and place it into an object, portrait, or figure (wax) dedicated to the person who is to be bound to you.

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