Saint Expedite is absolutely fantastic. Praise to Saint Expedite!(Testimony)

I want to leave a testimomy of the great power and goodness of Saint Expedite.
I was worried about certain issue. I lit a red candle before an image of the Saint and asked him for help and told him I was going to start a 7 days ritual. Incredibly, after a few hours I got very promising news about the issue. However I performed the complete 7 days ritual with the glass of water and the red candle burning for a some time each day. I promised St Expedite that if petition was granted I would gave him a slice of pound cake and some red flowers and to leave testimony on internet. The petition was granted. I gave him more than one slice and some big roses and I am here to leave testimony.
Saint Expedite is absolutely fantastic, powerful, effective, his goodness is great.

Thanks, Saint Expedite. Praise to Saint Expedite!!!


thank you for the testimony, is it money related i assume?

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Money was implied in the issue but was still more important and long term than asking a concrete sum and had much more implications.


Could you specify which ritual you used to work with Expedite?

I know people in hoodo and kimbanda who work with Expeditus, but I am totally averse to the Catholic approach they use (novena, rosary, 7-day candle).


Hello JESS. The ritual I used is one of the most standard ones. There are some slight differences although all have in common the main elements.

I disposed an altar arranged thiese elements in triangular form:

An image of Saint Expedite, painted or sculpture at the back, forming one of the 3 vertex. At the foreground, before the image of St Expedite a glass of water and a red candle. Each one forming a vertex. You can see on internet this arrangement according different versions. Some say the items are disposed in differents ways. There are a few versions but all agree in the triangular form, the glass of clean water and the red candle.

You need a prayer for saint Expedite. You can find on internet many prayers to Saint Expedite. in which there is a space for you to insert your exact petition.
Now you have all needed elements. Then you can start the 7 days ritual:

Light the red candle. You can use a great candle burning always during 7 days. it is not advisable to leave alone a burning candle. Obviously you have to watch over it. So there is a safer version consisting of burning part of the candle each day. let´s say, from 30 to 60min per day, and then you switch off, or quench the candle when you finish each day.

When the candle is lighted and all the elemnts of the altar as described you knock on the table 3 times. It is like a calling to St Expedite. You tell him first what do you need and that you offer him the 7 days ritual in order to get your petition granted and that if you get finally what you want, you will give him as offering a slice of pound cake and some red flowers. This is the most common offering. Then you say the prayer, and after telling St Expedite that you will quench the candle some time later, you finish this way the first day of ritual. You have to do the same each day. I think that to change also the water each day is the better but I am not sure.

It is possible that your petition is granted much before the 7 days. In such a case, I think some people stop the ritual and of course. always, offer St Expedite the promised gifts. However I think is better to end the full 7 days. And always, as I say, is very important that if your petition is granted, you have to give him the offerings. Also, it is very important to leave public testimony of the help you have received from St Expedite on forums, and among people you know etc.

St Expedite likes very much his name and power are recognized and praised. At the end of ritual, when your petition is granted, you leave before him the slice of pound cake and the red flowers for some days. I think is good to tell him how long will you leave the offering before taking them away. When you will take away the remnants of the ritual I was told that the better is to perform with your right hand with the two main fingers in the position of blessing, a triple counterclockwise circular movement on each item for ending the offering frame of time. Then pour the water on plants, flowers etc, and leave the remnants of the pound cake on a garden for birds. All, always with great reverence.

My experience with Saint Expedite has been fantastic. You can feel his presence -strong, powerful, youth, friendly- since the first moments you contact him.

I hope this information is useful for you.



Thank you.

This is very interesting, your post encouraged me a lot to work with Expedite.

I will start working with Expedite next week and post about results in the coming months.


Hello JESS. I would like to hear from you and know if you had success. Best wishes.

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Sorry, I haven’t started yet.

My initial idea was to set up an altar for Expeditus in a safe and private place. But then I realized that it would be complicated in my apartment. Risk of fire (lots of wood inside), little space and my wife always receives her friends.

I think I will work with Expeditus in the same way that I work with demons, just using sigils and chants; placing his offerings somewhere safe in the forest.

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It is also effective if you burn tea candles, or burn part of a candle each day.

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By the way, I want to give again thanks to Saint Expedite because He has granted other petition of me in recent days.


Hail Saint Expedite