Saint Cyprian of Antioch

Thank you Holy Saint Cyprian, Mage Martyr and Mystic, Saint Sorcerer and Sage…
Thank you for your guidance and recent powerful and absolutely immediate life saving intercession on behalf of my impromptu petition.

Special thanks to my teacher in strategic sorcery, Jason Miller (Inominandum), for the introduction to, and the teachings focused specifically on this very powerful spirits ways of connection. Honor & Respect…:pray::pray::pray:


Would you please share your experience?

Pls correct me if I am wrog but I think that in the East Orthodox churches priests have a special pray towards him in order to clean each harmful magic made to people. And also according to the Orthodox books at some point of his life St. Cyprian regretted to be a sorcerer and asked God to forgive him and gave up magic…

This is known, but there is alternative interpretation of it. It is perceived that Cypran, facing other kind of magic, went to know and master it. And rejection of pagan magic is what was anounced by the church people.

Honestly I don’t care about that much as long as Cyprian is responsive to callings and do the job :slight_smile: But most visible people now who are sharing the Cyprianic magic are also inclined with alternative lines of apostolic church holding the titles of Deacons and even Bishops (as mentioned Miller, “Wandering Bishops” I recommend to read if you want to know more) while doing “pagan magic” the same time.