Saint and Angel

I have thought about this question for a while and would like to get a deeper understanding of it. What is the difference between Angel Michael and Saint Michael of the Catholic

There is no difference. They are one and the same.


I personally don’t think there is one, catholic churches often associated angels as saints.

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I stand corrected. A Google search shows I was incorrect.

St. Michael was an actual monk canonised by the Church in 1862.

However, some sects, like the Eastern Orthodox, call anyone in Heaven, whether human or not, as saints, thus even the archangels are called by the title.

It’s confusing, but the name Saint Michael refers to both an angel and an actual human.


But they have Saint Joseph, Peter, Evans and other names that doesn’t seem to be Angels, what do you say about this.

theyre the same, the Church calls Archangel Michael: Saint Michael the Archangel

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It’s very true because that’s their understanding of a Saint, one of their leaders living a good life on earth

It really just depends on the lore someone chooses to follow.

In Catholicism, there is Saint Michael, and there is Michael the archangel.

In Eastern Orthodox, there is only St. Michael the Archangel.

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Saint Michael the Archangel, as the Warrior said, is one of the nomenclature the Catholic church uses, and it is to differentiate the Archangel from the saint the Knight mentioned.

Reason: do not expect the Catholic church to speak clearly about anything, not even the weather.


:joy::joy::joy: your last statement kept me laughing but very well explained

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They are the same, as incredible as it seems.