SAH! What does the power of the serpent’s breath exactly allow you to do?

So I am currently working with amaymon and I’m going to probably ask him anyway but I want to first hear if you guys know already…it’s some sort of power? SAH I know some of the back story behind it but what does this allow you to do like what is the purpose of such a mantra? Thanks guys🙂

How would you use it regularly? Is it perhaps to amplify workings possibly? I am pretty lost when it comes to this specifically thanks guys

Someone told me it’s used for manifestation which doesn’t seem 100% right but I’m not sure :thinking:

Oh and quick update, this is how his vessel looks so far I love it…for those of you who don’t know I am buying a resin skull and decorating it with the demonic gate keeper’s sigil on it as I pass through them, these will be vessels for them…I have one for belial already but this is amaymon’s so far, might add a few more things to it… I add the sigils on the front then I actually charge and open them so when I want to do something specific with that entity I can have not only his vessel near so he’s there with me but also that’ll be the sigil I use to do the working with

Let me know how you guys think it looks so far​:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: when I meet amaymon again I’m probably then going to ask if he wants to use this as a vessel

Belial’s is very interested cause when I stare into the eyes of his skull it’s almost like a living thing is staring back at me, like perhaps belial himself is staring back at me… but anyway back to the original question :joy::joy::joy: what is SAH exactly to be used for?


Well, SAH can be used for various enchantments, meditations, spells, rites, and more. It’s an extension of the Dragon’s Breath rites in intermediate to advanced Draconic paths. This one is a verbal rune in a sense, because of it’s many uses. The dragon doesn’t just breathe fire. The dragon also breathes poison, healing light, darkness, and way more. If you’re interested in more chants like this, I recommend asking the dragon gods of the gatekeepers.


I’m reading back on this now…how many times am I gonna say THANKS GUYS

Funny lol