Hey Guys does anyone know if using sage inyour house gets rid of demons that you’ve previously conjured.?


I always throw out a warning before I do it and say something like “ anything that’s here that does not belong or wishes me harm must leave by the powers of the infernal throne. All who I have welcomed are not to be harmed”


Thankyou so much!!!

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Sage is a great tool, but the sage alone will not banish an entity on it’s own. It is how you use it. Like incense, all sage will do intrinsically by being burned is clear energies and low end nature spirits. Daemons, not so much. It you are going for that you need to use it as an extension and focus of your will. That’s what kicks it up a notch.

Also, region will depend on effectiveness for some reason. In example, sage in the USA, frankincense in Europe, nag champa in India, etc. I think the factor is linked to the collective cultural subconscious of the region; it amplifies it’s effect.


Keep in mind that you can burn safe all day long to no avail if you’re not pushing your intent into it. Sage is a wonderful tool with lots of beneficial properties, but primarily the smoke is a tool for you to release your own power. With that said, you can banish spirits using sage as a physical representation/conduit for your carrying own energy into the other planes.



Okay I’ve learnt that here Thankyou.

You can also try banishing. I’d recommend it on a regular basis.


Hey Alita…I do do perform the LBRP but somehow at that time the spirits were still ringering in my house… but the great Duke Murmus was able to get it out of the way for me.

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Glad to hear! :slight_smile:

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An extension of your will huh. Can you use it to summon?