Safety issues regarding cursing those you live with?

Hey guys,

Its your friendly neighborhood ex-Muslim turned warlock here. So i live with some infuriatingly annoying neighbours, whom occupy a different suite of the house. Without getting too into detail regarding what they did to “deserve” a curse, I’m planning on throwing some bad juju their way. They, however, live in close proximity to me, and have small children. I do nor wish for any malevolent magic to affect me nor the children (the latter being 90% of my worries). My concern being that being in the proximity of a cursed person is a horrible idea generally.

Thoughts? I could attempt to “restrict” the magic, however I’ve never done this before. I’m enraged, but if its not feasible, its fine. The curse of “lodging a complaint with the landlord” will have to suffice.

Edit: Just occurred to me that I could use a spell to force them to leave.

Lol, you look like you answered yourself unless you feel the kids would benefit from separation from their parents. If they’re just loud, enchant the suite to curse loud occupants and bless quieter ones.


Haha, very true. Its infuriating that I can’t curse them, will have to tone down my usual edgy warlock antics and use my brain lol

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