Hello,guys,tis its 4 peoplz,who live at apartments.i did buy a cutting of wood,well a few in a hardware store,to put over my carpet,to burn candles.i try plates,dirt,etc.but its work better,if i got2 go.just take candle off.board is good,not expensive,plates,ok.but tubs,sink.not so much.even a cutting board kitchen helps,2. I try a coffe table crom target.and put plate on top.tablw burned,or plate exploit.

Even though actual dead people are easier to understand than your typing :o) I do agree that a good flat bit of board is an excellent thing, I have one with a pentagram painted on, I use the painted side as a multi-purpose altar and the reverse for when I do magickal crafts, like talismans or whatever, so yes - very good investment.

Wood’s better than particle board or MDF, less chance of it being treated with formaldehyde (which is toxic), less flammable, and you can sand out any marks - feels nicer as well.

Umm, can’t you try to write in normal manner? i have so frustrating time trying to read when people put extra dots and short cuts like “4 peoplz” everywhere. I don’t claim that my english is perfect but seriously… At least for me it was frustrating to read this - i know you meant well.

Tanks for feedback,ya 2 eva,im nof fluent in ingles yet,i live in America,i knw eva is from london.but i will try a more decente format? Expression,to comunicate,my thoughts,anyway,the dumb thing i did one time,is going to a trifhtshop,buy harcovers books.and put candles,on top,of them,was ok.but it leaked,expand everywers,and some got like 8 inches,& weird.