Hello Everyone,

Let’s say a family member sacrificed another family member for riches, and the sacrificed person has had bad luck in relationships, career etc. because of this. How does this person release themself from this, so that they can now have a normal, prosperous life with stable love and stability in a career and a stable life all around?

Can they get out of this harmful person’s web of evil? What demon and ritual can they connect with to be set free?

Can you elaborate on this?

Some Watchers and Angels are the best to break curses/contracts (Gabriel [Angel], Armoni and Azazel [Watchers]).

How do I do a reading to know if this is the correct ritual for me? Or maybe even a communication with these beings to know?

There are tons of divination tools that you can use to know answers or possibilities for your life… Tarot, runes, even dreams and hypnosis can help you with that. I listed these entities because they’re the best for this situation in my opinion . Maybe you have a different experience than mine.

Edit: I recommend you do a little research in Amazon for Raziel Paths of Power and for the author/group Ars Aurora (especially they book about the Watchers and Enoque). In these books are the information that you will need.