I just completed my first evocation and petition to Sabnock.

How quickly does Sabnock work for protection and bane?

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He is quick with everything he does and he is one hell of a demon just sit back and watch the fire works fly


Thank you bunny4cam. I found his energy to be very powerful by the end of the ritual, it built over over the duration.

I had a very clear image of a beetle , which I took to be an accepting of my Bane aspect of wound infestation on the target

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Marquis Sabnock is my patron demon. He works quickly to protect you and provides familiars that are very effective. They surround you right away.
As for baneful, timing get will always depend, but in my experience i have seen at least some change within a week or two.
Trust his abilities and yours. You have chosen well.


Thank you Silver Star. I felt how powerful he was. I offered him purple candles, Jasmine incense, silver jewelry with a purple gemstone and purple stones. Red wine was my alcohol offering.

Is the image of Beetles common with him?


You’re welcome. Your offerings are spot on perfect. Loves Jasmine, purple is his sphere color. I haven’t personally seen any insect attributed to him, but that could be his way of sending a message to you.
I feel it is about resilience. Beetles are tough, hard shell and all. Just my sense.


Thank you . I am looking forwards to evoking him again soon

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He came to me as a frail man with long black n white hair I had ask him for healing for my daughter so I suppose this is correct


Getting movement on the Bane already. Target has infections and a sore developing. Hail Sabnock


Sabnock is the best demon of the all of the 72 demons for protection from curses and hexes and psychic attack ill wishing towards you…

This is not too mention other demons can not protect but experiment with each of them.


Marquis Sabnock is my husband we’ve been married for centuries (he is the only one I am drawn too (I’ve got 3 guardians though but always close too my hubby.

He’s a bisexual demon and that’s the reason he sometimes appears as female. Demons who appear as both are bisexual in my experience.