Running out of time, I don't know what to do first

I’m a bit late in getting into all of this, but I’m blown away.

  • I have the Divination, Soul Travel, Kundalini, and Evocation courses.
  • I have E.A.Koetting’s the Complete Works Books 1-8, Anthology of Sorcery 1-3,
    Necromantic Sorcery,
    Rites of Lucifer,
    Awakening Lucifer
    Black Magick of Ahriman

Between work, a hot girlfriend (that I know came from a ritual I performed), and off time to read and practice, I have been reluctant in keeping up with my readings and practices.

Acquiring the money has been challenging, but nothing else matters so I sacrifice alot to get these things.

I have yet to get volumes 1 & 2:

And would like to know if on Midnight New Year’s Eve,
if I could skip Volumes 1 & 2 and purchase the Azazel Volume 3,
and later The Sword of Azazel for only $499 before Jan 21?

Then after these when I have enough money saved up, purchase volumes 1 & 2 (Belial and Lucifer-Amaymon) later?

Cause I don’t want to miss this most important work. Or is it important to have training in volumes 1 & 2 before advancing?

In the ritual, the Sword of Azazel, what’s different about it from “AZAZEL: Steal Fire From The Gods, Volume 3”?
And should I get them both before the time runs out, then go back and get volumes 1 & 2?

And when will this be out for purchase?


In my opinion, yes, you can get the Azazel Compendium without the first two. My understanding is that each book can stand alone, with specific meditations and rituals from each gatekeeper.

Personally, I have the Belial Compendium but chose not to get the Lucifer-Amaymon book as I am not really drawn to working with him, at least not at this point in my development.

If you are drawn to the Azazel book and ritual, I say go for it.

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Just get the cloth copy text of Belial and Lucifer Amaymon. They have good info inside. I particularly like EA and Kurtis Joseph’s info on both text.

I also have interest in the blood pact with Azazel but I also have interest to work with Angels. I wonder if working with Angels would offend the blood pact with Azazel.
May I have some of your opinions?

You can work with both Angelic and demonic forces however make sure that you dont work with 2 things that will contradict each other or hinder the work of the other that may puss someone of them offbut otherwise you should be fine.

@SorcererSupreme If you have all that material then you have alot of work to do so hou dont need to rush with getting more stuff only to get it, get it If you really have a need/pull after it.
The gatekeeper books are supposedly all standalone books so you can work with whicever one you like but If you like me wanna work with the entire 9 gatekeepercurrent then it would be beneficial to get all books and the working order may not matter. Me personaly work in the order as they are published seeings as the first 4 not sipprisingly are the same 4 thats used in the lake of fire.
I like to get the premium books usually aswell as in this case with the Azazel book, i dont feel i need the pathworking course since i wanna do the work myself for this so that the journey is my own and the guidance will come from the book and the spirits.
If money is tight then be smart and go for the essentials only, you have so much material allready that you dont need another videocourse, i would say get all the gatekeeper books in cloth edition insted that will way you get 2 books for the price of 1, and you get all 3 books for less then what you would pay for 1 book with video course.

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Thank you for your advice.
I am thinking of working with Raphael and Raziel on certain things on my life. The thing is I wouldn’t know who I would piss off. I am just concerned that I would offend the blood pact by working with Infernal Spirits.
As an aspiring magician, if I am limited on who I can work with due to the pact, I would be quite reluctant to enter it.

If nothing in the pact states that you cant work with them or that particulary spirit stated that it wont you to have nothi g with some entity to do you should be fine.
There may be accessions when it for so e reason aint possible thou, as an example from the The book of Azazel Dante is doing workings with Azazel and is going through withdrawel problems if memory servs me right and at a point decides to call for Raphael for help with healing but Raphael refuses on the basis that Dante atm is in the hands of Azazel and he cant help. Raphael not helping in this example is not for him hating demons or anyone that works with them but that what Dante was suffering with was part of the teaching and working withAzazel and something that needed to happend.

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Yes, I read that part where Raphael declined to help. Thank you once again.

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I got what i wanted yesterday.
Found the funds necessary to buy it all.
Volumes 1, 2, 3, and the Magick Circles.
All in all about $2200.

I have much to read, study, practice, and catch up on.

Do you have a link for the cloth edition of the Belial book cause I want to get it but only see the Leather edition for sale

Oh yes, there is no cloth copy for Belial. Sorry for the typo error. However, you will notice that the actual price is different from what is stated. You will notice that on the check out page.

You’re right and thats great because I only have 180 dollars and I really wanted to get The Belial book 1st now I can. the funny thing is that I was gonna get the Lucifer book now and then save enough to come back and get Belial’s book and just as I was about to click on pay now button I saw a notification that you answered my post. Lol I guess its meant for me to have Belials book 1st. Thanks.

However, personally, I like lucifer book more than Belial. I guess in the end, we have to put the things in the book to actual practice.