Runic incantations

So I’m studying the runes during my odin pathworking I’m confused unto the runes. Runic staves and rune conjurations. If I have a mixed bind rune do I have to make a incantation for the objective of the rune or do I have to utter the names of the runes used?

Either one or both should do the trick

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Alright that proved my theory. Thanks for the help.

Michael Kelly’s draconian runic system is awesome. In his grimoire the vibrating of the used runes and the incantation of the bind rune as zeal targeted outcome should do it. There are also mudras to channel the force of a rune

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Im gonna read it. I know the runes and am recently re studying them and I have also made a few posts on my knowledge. My only issue appeared to be just the bind runes and runic sigils.

My personal technique when using bindrunes is to link the rune names together to help it manifest the best energetic pattern possible for the specifics of what I want.

For example, say you’re doing something for money and Fehu and Uruz are on the bindrune.

Fehu is the sign of the cattle, and properties and wealth.

Uruz is the sign of the wild ox, and vigor.

Due to their energies, they can operate well together, with the cow-and-ox part for organic and quick reproduction, the wild-and-tamed part to draw in from all sources, and the energizing nature of Uruz to help you get more use out of your money.

To do this I used to just chain them together like “Fehuruz” in a song-like voice while focusing on exactly how I want the pattern to construct itself.

Of course it gets a lot more complicated with more complicated bindrunes but that’s best left to personal experimentation.

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That’s exactly what I was experimenting with. I have to have proper set up and to do a few proper experiments and only then I can fully agree on this hypothesis.

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