Runic Curse

I should start this off with the disclaimer that I do not often curse. I am one of those magicians who will reach for an “invisibly spell” or just beef up my security. But sometimes being the god of my own universe (or trying to be the god of my own universe) means that I have to stretch out my hand and smack someone.

Also please do not use this unless you are familiar with the runes. Just like I would tell someone not to evoke a demon they never met and demand something, I think one should get to know the runes a bit before attempting any type of invocation or spellcasting with them.

With that said here is a little ditty.

Prepwork Before ANYTHING I did a series of divinations to show me:

  1. the effectiveness of the curse
  2. if my target was defended
  3. if there would be any backlash

It all looked good (for me)

I know my target and their face, however I did not have a picture. I wrote their name on a virgin piece of paper along with their crimes for which they were to be punished.

I then mixed dragon’s blood ink with a few drops of oil made especially for curses. Once mixed, I took a paint brush and drew a bind rune of Hagalaz and Isa over my target’s name.

Hagalaz: This is the natural force of the universe, the natural force that can not be stopped by god or man. It is usually seen as a hailstorm, and often brings the promise of rebirth after devastation.

Isa: Isa is ice. This is the binding insuring that after the devastation of Hagalaz, my target would be frozen in place and unable to rebuild for a time.

I also anointed a black candle with the oil.

The Working I hiked up to a mountain trail with my implements and a bottle of Absinth. I got a bit off the trail and found a nice little grove. I began to meditate and soon found myself in the T/G Sync. I called out to the nature spirits and paid them (poured the bottle out) and apologized for disturbing their land.

Then I laid the paper out and used a call from Advanced Planetary Magic, as I was in the hour of Mars on the day of Saturn. I lit the candle and then began to open the bind rune as one would a sigil. I started with my focus on Hagalaz, once I felt its energy I sang its Galdr Song. I then invoked its energy and sat myself up as the “mind” of the rune. I let my rage combine with the power of the rune.

For all intents and purposes I became Hagalaz for that time. Since each rune seems to have both positive and negative aspects I visualized only the negative for my target. I saw exactly what I wanted to happen to my target, and then I sent out energy to accomplish it.

I did the same for Isa and then for the bind rune. I kept my eyes on the paper the whole time. At one point the wax from the black candle started to run onto the paper and it looked like blood.

After sending the bind rune off I blew out the candle and put all the materia into a mason jar and buried it. I then thanked the spirits and left.

The Clean Up After I returned home I took a salt shower (like a salt bath…but a shower) to clear myself of the negative energies I just built up. I banished, and I was exhausted the rest of the day.

I noticed that this was surprisingly easy when compared to evocation. My theory is that this is due to the two runes I used. The icy runes seem to operate like machines, just wind them up and point them to a goal. The fiery runes are more animistic. Seeing how I used icy runes I didn’t have as much of an “Intelligence” to deal with.


Hmmm… Dis seem very interesting.

Solid work Orismen.

May I ask how it effected your enemy?

I’m also assuming you paid the spirits of the land not to power the curse but because you buried that object in their land.

Oh, thank you all. I just happened to pop in to this post because I am blogging about this very bindrune gladr curse.

@Mider, yes I paid the spirits of the land because I intended to bury something on their property.