I’m not sure where else to out this, but this seems alright.

Who here has experience with the runes? Does anyone know of the 9 dark runes of the futhorc?

Personally I’ve been working with the runes for only a few months and I’ve found it a very interesting journey. They are powerful for sure.

What do you mean by “dark” runes and how have you been working with them? I don’t currently work with runes, but I intend to start very soon, if not tonight. I guess I will start by meditating on each rune in turn to familiarize or get the “feel” of them…

I would also like to know what the dark runes are. I haven’t worked with the runes yet, but I am currently studying them. Extremely fascinated by them! Halfway through to getting their meaning fixed in my brain.

Would you be interested in telling about how you have worked with them?
Which books have you read on the subject?

In the Futhark, there really isn’t a “dark” and “light” aspect. There are the more violent (and in my opinion more powerful) forces like the Jotunn, and they’re considered adversarial to humans, but the runes are what they are, regardless of how they’re directed. You can use thurisaz to kill an enemy, or to destroy an illness. You can use ansuz to inspire, or to cause madness.


The sigil of Azazel looks like it includes several Runes
Is this a coincidence?

[quote=“Student of Goetia, post:5, topic:922”]The sigil of Azazel looks like it includes several Runes
Is this a coincidence?[/quote]

Maybe, after all, once you get into sacred symbols, they all start to have various parallels. The hexagram has to be at the focal point of thousands of different sacred geometrical forms, and that’s without including all the Judeo-Christian ones. So it can be said that this may in fact be a correlation based on spiritual individuals knowing something that they all shared, or that they came upon it without knowing each other at all.

Since Runes are such simplistic figures, meaning that they aren’t extraordinarily complicated in design, I wouldn’t be too quick to see if there is any correlation between the two. You would be hard-pressed to find any sort of sacred geometry that you couldn’t pull at least 3 different runes from. I’m not saying that Azazel’s sigil isn’t composed of Runes, but I would have to hear it from Azazel to draw that conclusion. It’s just too easy to draw parallels in places where it is rather unnecessary or unwarranted.

This is absolutely true. By “dark” runes I was referring to 9 additional runes which don’t appear in the Futhark but were a part of the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc. While the “lightness” or “darkness” of a rune’s power depends on how it’s directed, these runes are generally agreed to have a generally darker and more complex character than the runes of the Elder Futhark by the people who work with them.

For example the first one, Ear, the rune of the grave, is associated with the concept of decay and the fact that death is a necessary counterpoint to life.

I’m not quite sure why I wrote that they were “dark” runes actually, just the shape they’ve taken in my mind I guess.

The sigil of Azazel looks like it includes several Runes Is this a coincidence?
Around the same day I read your post I see this image while I'm in bed about go to sleep, reading a book I have on nordic myths.

That image on the belt buckle looks like Azazel’s sigil to me.

It’s from a three volume work called The Nordic Testament (in danish). The image is of the story of Thor and Hymer fishing for the giant worm Jormundgand. The Jotun Hymer wearing Azazel’s sigil on his beltbuckle.
Wasn’t it Azazel who originally told E.A. that he was too focused on getting away from Earth, and it was the same message he got when he did that runic ritual introducing himself to the Jotun. In any case, it’s a funny syncronicity that I “randomly” notice Azazels sigil on an image of a Jotun around the day that I read your post, Student of Goetia, so I couldn’t help but to mention it. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry about not quoting correctly, or sharing an image link correctly, but for some reason unknown my computer is messing with me.

Looking at Azazel’s sigil, it’s such a simple design. However, I have always been of the ind that simple is often the best and most powerful way to go, and since Azazel is so damn powerful, it makes sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if you found this design in quite a few other places around the world.

LITTLE STORY RELATED TO RUNES, When I was 17 I paid a Dark Witch to cast a spell. A few nights later I was sleeping and between the blissful world of sleep and wakefulness I became aware of a Spirit visitor hovering outside my 2nd story bedroom window. A womens voice was seductively repeating “Give Me the gift of Runes” She was trying to fly into my room but something was blocking her. I woke up and told her to get lost. I researched the runes and the books stated that the runes are the infernal realms alphabet. I’m still trying to figure out why she was bothering me that night.

i use runes on a semiregular basis. they’re far more primative than the tarot, but also very different. they’re not just a divination system but a link or fetish to nature and its forces. by comparison, the tarot is more is a link to the sephiroth and the spheres of existence. the runes kinda live in the 10th sphere alone as they have been derived from nature rather than astrology etc.

it certainly takes a new approach to divination to read the runes. they have a vibration all their own, and it’s very earthy (and thus won’t agree with everyone). interestingly, they are also talismanic and can be used as, and combined to make sigils infused with this runic earthiness.


The Futhorc Runes

In my experience I would say that the tarot also shows alot of thoughts and feeling etc. about a given situation, while the runes only dives into the essence and bypasses alot of the more ”shallow” and mundane human aspects of it. I think that nature is the gate to better connect with them and understand them, but they go much further than that because they are keys to understand creation and what lies beyond.