Runes in ceremonial magick

Is there a way to use runes in ceremonial magick?

That basically the entire basis of Edred Thorson’s (Stephen Flowers) Rune Guild. Look into his book The Nine Doors of Midgard.


So if that’s what he does, who teaches more traditional rune work?

Let me let you in on a little secret that people usually hate to hear. We know almost jack squat about the traditional magickal applications of runes. Most of what we know comes from the old rune poems, and even then the application of them is dicey at best, as far as magickal tradition is concerned. What we do know is that what we have today does work. And that’s about it, in a nut shell.


So, essentially, cultural and magical context was loss and we had to recreate it.

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More or less. We do have threads to pull on and run with, but we don’t actually know for certain.


Cultural context is that you could write in runes, and you can even learn old icelanding (the closest/purest to the language of vikings) and still make a poetry in such language.

The magical context is lost. Re-creating is always blended with modern knowledge and imaginaion on how things could work. So I recommend to make such a magical context that will produce results for you :slight_smile:

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Like in summoning giants. The two runes isa and sowilo can help you summon the frost and fire giants. Because the runes are portals, legions, entity’s themselves and more the runes are very unique

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They have always been used as words of power. Given to us by Wothan himself.