Runes for Necromancy


Hecate has informed me that She wants me to infuse an item with Death Essence while I am in this stage of my years long pathworking. I was wondering if anyone knew any goodrunes for necromancy. So far I got Ihwaz and Perthro.

Upside-down Algiz was the rune used on grave-markers in the past to denote date of death, and my own UPG bears out that it has capacity to relate to death.

Ah, so like the roots are pointing down, towards the Underworld?

Yes - that form is also related to the Yew tree (in the younger futhark) which is planted in many north European graveyards, well into the Xian era - there’s one a few miles walk from where I’m sitting right now.

Thr Laguz rune - everything born also eventually flows to death. Death
and Water are both deceptive and illusive. All death is also a rebirth starting
in a new direction.

Thank you both. I think I got one :slight_smile:

I will have to do some divination on it later, there is only so much I can do at work.

ISA for binding!
Works on Dwarfs too.
Divinate on how you feel about it sideways. Like this —

Hagalaz (hidden realms, death, Underworld, Backdoor Pass, magical evolution, Hel and Gullveig, Hecate and not just because of the letter H)

Kenaz (dispels darkness and invisibility, brings enlightenment)

Eihwaz (Yew, Mysteries of Life and Death, Timelessness, Soul Travel, Past life recall, Calm focus, Theta Gamma Sync)

Ansuz (god, Odin, living god, ancestral knowledge, mediumship, channeling, omniscience, omnipotence)

Algiz (Female/Upside down) Access the Underworld

Perthro (Omniscience, all knowledge, magic, fate, Wyrd, Orlog, Nornir)

Laguz- Astral Work, Sorcery, initiation, second sight, magical magnetism

Berkano (Rebirth, secrecy, concealment, Omniscience, the White Lady

Ehwaz (Soul Travel, prophecy

Othala (inheritance, legacy, ancestral knowledge and power, genetics material and spiritual)

Mannaz (becoming a living god, develop the minds eye, omniscience