Runes efficiency

hi guys!

did you ever write a petition in runes and how efficient is it?
I am gonna use Futhark runes and write my petition in swedish so that the Norse energy is totally present.
( i am not planning on using binding runes)


Nice! Sounds like it could work out well. Best wishes for you sister and hope it works out. From what I have taken from it the Norse Mask pantheon is very velkomen Lol! :grinning: let us know how it goes beautiful :blush:


Love letters, funny notes, signs, offering, yes. Now petitions…huh, never thought about that.

Let us know how that goes, are you going to work galdr over your petition?


I once wrote my shopping list in runic just for the lulz


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Charge by adopting the body position of Elhaz with palms upwards. You’ll feel the energy collect around your solar plexus. While ALWAYS keeping your arms straight, lower them over your runes and you’ll feel the energy leaving through your palms. When no more energy, shake your hands like you’re getting water off of them. Your palms may be itchy.

This simple technique can be used for a whole lot of things and if practitioners did it they’d know that.


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Odd as this seems i’ve thought about rune work with these:

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Honestly if you included the other charms, I could see it working but.

You are missing the retired charms-many which have magical significance in their symbolism.

-Yellow moon-original product
-Blue diamond-added in 1975
-Green trees-added in 1991
-Around the world star charms in 1998 (blue, green, yellow, purple and red)
-Crystal ball-2001
-Rainbow swirl moons-2013
-2 new Rainbow charms-2016
-Hidden Key-2005
-Magic Mirrors-2006
-Hourglass charm retired-2108

and ofc the limited edition charms!

  • In 1986, a whale-shaped marshmallow was temporarily added to the lineup.[12]
  • In 1990, a green pine tree-shaped marshmallow was temporarily added to the lineup.[12] During that time, the cereal promoted Earth Day with a free Colorado Blue Spruce seedling with proofs-of-purchase.[13]
  • In 1991, the star and balloon shape marshmallows were combined for a short time. The red balloon featured a gold six-pointed star. The star was removed at a later date to make the Red Balloon and Star marshmallows separate.[12]
  • In 1994, sprinkles were temporarily added to the marshmallows.
  • In 1999, the moon shape marshmallows were modified with the addition of the yellow curve line for a limited time.
  • In 2000, a “New Sparkling Rainbow” was added to the mix for a limited time. It was described by General Mills as “a sprinkling of multicolored sugar on a white rainbow marbit”. This marshmallow replaced the original rainbow at this time.[14]
  • In 2010, the swirled marshmallows were in Lucky Charms for a limited time.
  • In June 2013, two new rainbow marshmallows were added for LGBT Pride Month.[15]
  • In 2015, new diamond shaped marshmallows were added in.[ citation needed ]
  • Introduced in 2017, limited edition cinnamon vanilla Lucky Charms include only snowman, snowball, and snowflake-shaped marshmallows.
  • In 2018 a unicorn shaped-marshmallow was added; it became a permanent addition later that year.[ citation needed ]
  • In 2018 winter-themed marshmallows, including snowmen and snowflakes, were added as part of a limited addition chocolatey winter mix.[16]

There’s also other flavored base cereal. Still, with what’s available on could cast some charms list casting bones or runes.