Runes /Abramelin /Enochian / Blood = Chaos

Ok guys,

just got out of my shower , with an epiphany like thought!
I just got into Runes, and they are amazing, i love them for ever
I talked about them with @Micah and i was thinking about a money/miracle spell

suddenly i thought (you might have already done that guys ok, that’s just a sudden thought)

what if i use my blood to create a segor/seqor square in runes, call segor, egamo, gazagand roges?charge it and burn it? what would happen?
what if i use my blood to write the enochian tablet of union in runes and calling ehnb,exarp,hcoma, nanta & bitom fro whatever miraculous purpose?
and so on?

would you dare , or did you already? :thinking: just asking…


Do it
Sounds good to me

Do energetic Work on your Blood First. Yes blood is powerful but only as powerful as you make it.

Cleanse your blood stream of any impurities by using the mantra
Soham Akkal

Then do some meditation to empower it with the Rune, Uruz.

Then proceed to make the squares. I wouldnt suggest burning the Enochian Square as thats “forbidden”

But fuck it…we do whats forbidden everyday.
Blood + Fire equals a Great Satanic Combination


Thanks my Love!
you know that Uruz and I…:hugs:

I’ll try what you say!
and as for burning enochian tablet, i think that i already did in the past lol , i am still alive
blood, fire and runes baby! ( and orgasm…:stuck_out_tongue:)


You have fun with that, it isn’t something i would do simply cause the very idea to me seem to come from the standpoint that the universe, energy currents ,symbolism are arbitrary when my experiences have told me other wise. Specifc thing align with currents of power, some of which do not mix well or mix resulting in a combustible result.

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There are certain combinations of practises that just work so I´d try it out