Rune Magick

Ok people!!! Looking for real Rune magick guide, sources, excetera!!!

I’m in need of the real stuff not the fairy tale fluff!!!

Anyone know where can such knowledge be??? Book, Anything? As long as it is legit!!!


I would also like to know.
Firstly, because such knowledge can be very useful. But also, because I want to learn more about runes.

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Yea honestly it’s hard to find information on Runes I mean why? that’s what I’m wondering.

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I can’t think of anyone better then @asbjorntorvol

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It’s not hard to find info on runes. It’s just that you have to look and it takes a little time to find sometimes… Heck, last time I went to Half-Priced Books, I saw at least four books on runes in the small metaphysics section; admittedly there were like twenty books on Wiccan stuff and another ten on Heathenism/Shamanism/Druidry, as well as a bunch on Tarot, I Ching, and Astrology.

My point is that sometimes you gotta put a little effort in to find what you want, but that doesn’t make it ‘hard’.


You prove a good point.
Thank you

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No problem.

Actually, I did buy one of those books on runes when I was there last. Just a basic primer but still enough to get started, and I also started making a set, I just have to get around to finishing them.


Where they any good for spell magick?

Where can I find access to this material?

Just put some effort forth, don’t expect it to be served up to you on a platter.

You can do anything you put your mind to.

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I wasn’t implying that.