Rune Experiences

Hello all,
Today I’ll be recording my experiences with the runes and my exercises with them. I will be connecting with them randomly, in no specific order, simply the ones I’m drawn to in the moment.
Keep in mind these are exercises I created and these are the fruits of my results. They seem to work for me.
OTHALA- I entered a light trance state and began to see the runes aura. I sinked into my chair​ and breathed in the aura of the rune. My heart began to slow and I formed the othala rune inside of me. I began to have a slight chill. I was taken to a grave site, where I began to understand the energies of othala. I was shown it is connected to ancestral prowess, inheritance and connection. I was shown how to use the rune as a fetish in Necromancy and how it can assist my Necromancy practice as well as to create a new amulet, using a bind rune creation. I believe it also may be connected to the death gods.
Edit: Also, ancestral oversouls.


FEHU- I did the same exercise with fehu that I did with othala. Fehu is tied to the earth element. It’s is the prosperity rune. It is akin to pentacle symbology in tarot, as they represent monetary and earthly matters. I was taken to an open meadow with green grass and many cattle. I was given a special bindrune. Combining raidho, fehu and uruz, can create fast and concrete results.


KENAZ- This rune is actually very beautiful. It is the sun rising upon the long, cold, dreary night, revealing all that is hidden. It is truth in a pure form. I joking refer to it as “The Lightbearer rune” as it has luciferian properties. It is knowledge. The the library. It is illumination, both outward and inward. It can be related to Lucifer, as his qualities are almost the exact same. This rune is good for: Revelation, knowledge, illumination and evolution. It is very stunning. I was taken to a solar realm by this rune and a library of scrolls.

Edit: the elements are air and fire.


LAGUZ- This rune is of the subconscious. I was drowned in a black sea, which strangely enough, I encountered Cthulhu and Dagon (lovecraft Dagon). It is associated with dreams, subconscious, “the silent void” (the void thing is what I was told), divination, and knowledge but to a degree. It is the illusion in which we all partake in.

Lunar energies come to mind with this rune.


RAIDHO- The animal that I’ve been given to associate with this is the horse. It is movement whether symbolic or literal. It can be placed in a bindrune to make it into a mobile talisman of sorts. I wasn’t really given a whole lot on this one.

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Did you continue to work with Dagon? Can He be summoned through Laguz???

Well Dagon is the ruler of Monday and so ruler of the Moon



He or rather, I, am aware.

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