Rules regarding results, evocation repeats and praise

Gawd I hate to sound like a beginner who’s scared to break the rules, but I still would like an answer to these 3 questions (they’re at the end) .

I recently evoked several spirits from the Goetia, 2 for help against a single target (Azazel / Saturn and Andromalius), one for introducing myself (Lucifer) and a other for work (Bune / Bime).

So the first two, Azazel and Andromalius, could take a while to manifest. I left a few ways they could help me, eg through showing me how to get ahead or tackling the situation alongside me, in a hands on way. Small changes have happened but I am still waiting.

The latter two I was happy with and want to carry on working with them regularly.

(Actually all four evocation felt successful in that I learned from them, but 4 now, I am just talking about the end results).

So do you guys give praise as soon as you see any results or do you wait until it’s all done, so a fait accomplis?

And how do you decide whether you need to repeat an evocation and ask for further help?

Lastly, and I apologise if this is a stupid question, if you give praise etc. before the request has been fully answered does that affect the results negatively?

If in the evocation you say ‘I will give you X for the result you bring me’, then you give praise or whatever you offer once you get the result. If you only start to see progress, the result has not come to pass yet, so wait until you’ve gotten what you asked for.

It shouldn’t be necessary and I almost never call on a spirit for the same thing twice. But if you would like to take on multiple parts of a problem, you can call on multiple entities to take on problems (Or the same entity in separate rituals, depending on what you want). Repeating shouldn’t be necessary but sometimes it can be helpful to say, do the same ritual for 3 days in a row. Usually one day is fine if you want to do it for 3, 7, or how many days you like then you can do so.

I’ve never noticed any negative result from doing so.


Thank you for the thorough reply! My hopes are lifted.

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Basically if you are unable to hear the spirit, you cast a spell and in your petition you should state a time frame in which the results should manifest. This way you will have a reference to repeat or wait patiently.

Let say you have said to the spirit that you want X thing to happen in the interval between January to February 1st and this time has passed and you see no result, you will know then that your ritual didn´t work so you can repeat and try to change some conditions, e.g: the offering et cetera.


That’s also very wise. I will make a mental note for next time.

With the target that I petitioned Azazel and Andromalius about, I just specified ‘as soon as possible’ because I am suffering a lot with that particular issue.

I got a pretty strong sense that Andromalius especially was like, “Roger that” especially as I petitioned him 3 times, which seemed to annoy him! Learn by mistakes, eh! I appreciated his patience a lot.

(I also have the sense that neither spirit would accept a petition at all unless they planned to help in the way asked for) but, you’re right that it’d be best to set a desired time frame.

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