Rules of demons

Why would a demon strike one to death when he breaks his rules. Has anyone heard or encountered the wrath of a demon after he or she went against him.

I’ve pissed off several entities at different points and this didn’t happen. One was Belial, so I don’t know that I would believe that they’d strike you down in that sense.


Someone said there are demons who ain’t ready to forgive when you get them pissed but there are others who will guide you not to get them pissed again. So I asked if there are benevolent demons and non benevolent. That’s why I have brought it here for adept to share their experiences and knowledge about it.

So I may be off here, as I often am, but I’ve always sensed that IF a
demon got ticked w/ you, though they may not come after you on their own, if someone else cursed you and by chance called on that demon- you might be in some trouble. I also wouldn’t be surprised if you happen to need to make the call to that same demon again, you might get tricked/ shafted.

I’m interested to here what others think on this…

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This depends on each one and their relationship to you. They don’t normally fit into nice, neat little boxes. Just like people.


why would you attack a demon to tick them off?

I request help from them i don’t attack them. I don’t think a simple request of help will piss them off.

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If you’re replying to me, I would never attack a demon , but I have heard of demons getting pissed off at magicians for other reasons.

In that case, I was saying that if someone by chance put a curse on you, there might be some extra put on by the demon if it were the same demon? IDK

you might be confused on the reasons. Sure, some do get really angry, like the top devils of hell, because they do command a lot of respect, but regardless of their anger, hardly anybody had died from it. Deities would rather teach lessons of pain and destruction, but allow the target to recover.


Yeah I’m with the majority of posters on this. A demon can and will make your life a living hell for awhile if you got it good and pissed. I’ve only heard of demons killing people in legend. Typically it’s like offending a normal person,. That person may cut you out of their life,not work with you anymore, tell others bad things about you. Things like that. Thier individual beings with their own moods passions and behavioral traits.
If they are offended a good start would be apologizing and trying to make amends I think.

Demons don’t strike to death per se but mostly you will encounter bad experience if you made a pact with one particular demon and failed to keep your end of the bargain or if you dedicated yourself to one particular demon and then failed to remain dedicated to that particular demon.

Some people have reported nothing adverse has happened while others say they have had nothing but ill befall them.

And I believe this has to do with the perception of the magician, and whether or not they feel guilt more deeply.

Also Demons are peculiar entities who have particular likes, dislikes and temperaments. The more you work with a demon, the more you will understand the Demon’s temperament.


Quite possible and that’s a good point you brought up.


I’ve always seen myself lucky to be part of this forum. Answers I’ve been given on my question asked is very satisfying and I believe it going to help others who have been filled with fear of working with a demon because of what he or she has heard about their nature.


don’t mean you go in blind. still have to take safety precaution for protection. there’s still some risk as you can see from all the people that begging for help after casting spells left and right.