Rubbing blood on concrete

So i rubbed my blood on concrete and also a brick. My question is. Is this sufficient as a sacrafice to the lwa? Or does it have to be on a formal surface?

Was there a veve on any of the things you put your blood on?

No. There was a pentagram within a circle but no veve

Pentagrams aren’t Veve. You’d have to try again but with a Veve. Vodou and Satanism are completely separate.

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Do not ever offer your blood to any of the African spirits.


There are different reasons, but it can get them extremely hot and agitated and they are less likely to work with you is a practical reason. The primary reason is because if you give them your blood they will demand more and more of it and can even kill you in extreme cases. There are a very few exceptions to this. Some initiations, like Palo, require that you swear a blood oath. Usually you offer animal blood to African spirits. They work different then the others you may use blood magic for. I do a lot of blood magic and offer my blood to certain spirits on a regular basis, like the Morrigan, because that’s what she needs and demands. Just remember the African spirits are their own class of spirits. They are extremely powerful and can be very dangerous. Be careful when dealing with them.


thanks for explaining

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