Rough vs Tumble crystals

I found this as a better understanding about crystals which i discovered, i hope it will help.


I follow his site for a long time. He’s really nice, but take it with a grain of salt.
So far, I couldn’t find any book or site that I find it’s really great.
We can talk more if you are interested, I don’t have anyone who shares my interests.
Good luck

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So your into crystals, i put it on the forum to atrack other sorcerers on the forum to check it out, Kurtis informs me use raw crystals to add to the Nexus urn of infernal power, because i own a copy of Black magic of Ahriman and what a awesome book, i was thinking why raw i didn’t understand why i always thought tumble stones would be better because there smoother more shiny look better, then i did some research and found out natural raw crystals contains raw power alot more powerful than tumble stones would produce, anyway ive been purchasing natural anyway, a few names Autunite, vanadinite im a bit picky, there is a lot more out there, there is another one pyrosilpnite but ebay doest sell that one plus its increadibly rare, ive had a look at Kurtis circle of counter creation talisman pendant looks value for money highly detailed for the money value, on the balg catalogue website where i purchased black magic of Ahriman there is another type of circle of counter creation talisman can’t wear that one, and had a close look at its details the only decent part is the inverted pentagram, the 6 symbols looks like blobs not very detailed, who ever forged it didn’t think about detail, i don’t think its value for money, but the other one Kurtis sell the pendant for 150 dollar he put time and effort on detail and care, with me i wouldn’t waist 199 dollars of my money on second grade crape the one they sell on the balg sight i would prefer to architecturely design my own using geometry, if you wish to compare go to the balg website go to balg catalogue scroll down until you see black magic of Ahriman go in see book for sale and where EAs taking click on photos scroll across until you see a metal plate with a inverted pentagram and have a very careful look how bloby they look, then go and check the counter creation talisman pendant on the forum under (need help, Kurtis) and scroll though until you see a nickel silver counter creation talisman pendant and check out the high class hobnob detail and the see which is alot better.

I am not familiar with his work, but it is very interesting that he mentioned Autunite.
Ppl who work with crystals consider Autunite very dangerous, not only because it contains Uranium (about 50% of total mass), radioactive mineral, but because it has so strong energy that amplifies all kinds of energies around, even the most destructive one you may not be aware of.

Most crystal magicians and healers never heard of Autunite, so I wonder is he an expert for crystals, or he received the information from a demon or took the formula from other magicians/alchemists. That kind of information is really very hard to find, formulas are old and written in terms hard to understand. Autunite is soft mineral, and most specimens can have dust that can easily end up in your body. And only good specimen is free of dust and occurs as firm tabular square crystals. So, I must discourage you to work with that crystal, but it’s up to you.

Vanadinite is fine, it’s full of energy (even it’s not high energy or high vibration crystal) and it’s easy to find good specimens. Good mixture of lead, vanadium, and chlorine. Quite safe and effective.

Pyrosulphite is a sulfur oxide with iron ions and can’t be found on the market. It’s an industrial product, and natural specimens are so small that can’t be seen. Some very small grains usually on granite or limestone.

There are few different types of row crystals. The most common are so called raw, but they are actually only broken pieces of one large poor quality crystals. I find them the lowest potency crystals. Others are self-healed. That means that they were naturally broken a long time ago so they had time to reconstitute, so they act much better. The best ones are those who grow free from any attachment, usually in clay or sand, so called floaters. Floaters have all channels opened and emit energy in the best possible way, strong, sharp and direct. Tumble stones are fine if you work with them slowly. They need some time to recover from traumas they went through. Don’t expect too much from them, but they can help a lot. Faceted crystals and shaped crystals can be used for magic in a many different ways, must say.

Some talismans made for selling are better than homemade. Making them requires a lot of skills and equipment, so if you really want one so much, consider spending some extra money, even they are not perfect. They are always overpriced, but ppl have to earn some money.

Your post made me interested in Kurtis work, so I will check it up. Sounds very interesting.

Good luck

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Im the one who mentioned about the Autunite and vanadinite, ive ordered a chunk of Autunite from China on ebay so don’t worry im not building a nuclear bomb, im using it in the Nexus urn of infernal power as well as the piece of vanadinite, i the one who discovered the Autunite from the website, so now you know it was me who introduced it to Kurtis, so just have a good study, the Autunite i bury it deep in the urn under the 10kgs of graveyard dirt, the Large urn holds up to 30kgs of soil. Also ive purchased a Haunted charging vessel witch can recharge items and has the power to creat haunted items, im thinking of putting inverted pentagram, Autunite crystals, vanadinite crystals into it and creat haunted items and charging up crystal.
Top 100 high energy and high frequency / vibrational kundalini crystals

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That’s really very interesting. Great intuition, or whatever… Excellent job! Looking forward to hearing about the results.
I came across some very exotic rituals, like: take a piece of uranium, put it in a barrel full of wet sand and place it on the top of the mountain. Wait until lighting strike and hit the barrel, pick solid parts and so on… I guess it’s quite powerful and Kurtis work seems good to me. At the moment I started a project that will take maybe a lifetime (working with Qliphoths), so I’m really not sure am I going to study his rituals.
Thanks for a link, it’s good.

Good luck!

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You just gave me a excellent idea depends on the size of the barrel, and what it is made out of i would also attach a high quality lightning rod to it, where by raise the hight of the top of the lightning rod 50 to 100 ft up,and direct 5,000,000,000 volt down along inch thick insulating cables to handle that kinds of voltage, directing lightning into the barrel hitting wet sand and Autunite crystals creating Fulgurites, i would have to invest in a massive barrel and inscribe circle of counter creation on the barrel,also a barrel big enough to put 100 kgs of wet sand and Autunite, might also be a good idea to invest in a rock crusher for 1 to crush the Autunite and 2 crush the Fulgurites up for my nexus urn of infernal power. I would prefer to use a paticle excellerator, but that is completely out of my price rang, i yeah i just went outside and practice sun scrying for 3 minutes where i stare directly at the sun for 3 hole minutes where i waited safe time in the day so i can look directly at for 3 minutes without it hurting my eyes, im doing the urn in my own time, im not in a hurry to purchase one first i have to purchase what goes in it once i have that then buy the urn that way i can put things into it, but Kurtis want me to get the urn first then i would have nothing to go in, and will just be sitting there like a white elephant nothing to go in and it will take the same amount of time If i went to purchase the urn last, and the way i am going about it is call efficiency, buy everything else first urn last.

Hi everyone, I love raw crystals too.I have a hoarded load of raw citrines , aquamarines and even raw emerald which is perfect for certain workings for money.

I have used powdered quartz in many workings too.

The best thing to do with raw crystals is to let them interact with herbs before using them with any BOA or other workings.Crystals can boost any working just like herbs.My favourite herb is my brand new mandrake which I preserve in alcohol and it sits in a jar with many nice crystals.

In some workings gems (cut in diamond shape) can do well as we are looking at a kind of amplification which emanates from the shape or appearance of the crystal.Crystals carved as symbols can also have enhanced power.An example would be a coin carved from jade or aventurine for money attraction.

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It seems very demanding, but I guess it’s worth trying. Sounds very interesting. Let me know about the results if it’s okay with you.
5,000,000,000 volts require strong energy supply. I wonder how will you get such a strong energy supply. In normal conditions, 3,000,000 volts per meter would start the electrical breakdown of air. More humidity, more flashes of lightning. Maybe you can heat up the water first.
Take good care and good luck.

I also like to mix crystals with herbs and essential oils.
I never used powdered quartz, sounds interesting. I’ll have to think about it.
Pyramids and obelisks are good for spirit bindings, btw.

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Here is a tip.

Powdered quartz plus resin plus a sigil (and this is true for any powdered mineral) will mean that once the powder or raw mineral is in resin it will be under a lot of molecular pressure.This pressure amplifies the impact of the crystal and also boosts the sigil (which can be carved out on something or even on a paper).Add in to the resin a dash of herbs and personal fluids and viola you have made a “solid” spell thing to place on your altar for daily candle burning x

I also throw in some essential oil x


That’s really an excellent approach! I must give a try, already have something on my mind. Thanks a lot.

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Sure :slight_smile: let me know how it goes.

Resin also works pretty well with binding or punishing spells.

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I must say that I used to avoid any chemicals, resins also, but as I said, I must give a try, sounds so good.
I’ll let you know how it goes! Thanks once again!

Nothing wrong with the high quality clear resin used in jewellery making.If anything it creates a sympathetic pressure on the object being used as a poppet.

Consider this.If I really hate someone, I will make their poppet, stick nails and stuff and graveyard dirt in it with maybe a sigil of dra’talon and then after placing the poppet in the coffin I pour resin all over it.Thats it, after a while the resin starts making the whole thing squeeze.Like frozen in hell , or thats what I want to see my enemy like.I guess you get the picture.Imagine burying your enemy 600 feet under and then still suffocating them.They are frozen.

Next, consider a nicer example.I want my money to stay with me.I would poppet myself and stick a symbol of money and maybe a Fehu rune or some other sigil for saving and then add patchouli, raw emeralds and anything nice.And then I cement myself to prosperity with resin.The whole wish, is "preserved’ as a statement and then can be place on the altar.

I hope I make sense.

Actually, I feel that there’s nothing wrong with resins, just an old habit, nothing else :slight_smile:
Once, I really wanted a person to get out of my life. I took a good piece of black tourmaline, made a sigil, invoked Geburah and Binah, add some black pepper, put everything in a plastic container, filled with unclear water and put it in a deep freezer. So, I get the point. No need to say, but I’ve never saw that person ever, and that was a long time ago. It’s still in a freezer :slight_smile:

yep, love the life of sorcery x I love being in control of my own life x

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When you feel the essence of sorcery it seems so natural and easy.
At the moment, I really have no choice but to raise my energy level. I am too often at the very low point. I already collected some bastnasite, sphene, monazite, columbite/tantalite, rhodizite, working on sigil and Lucifer evocation. I think I’ll make a pendant. Wish me luck.

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You want to known how i get a strong enough power supply, a bolt of Lightning that is what i am trying to tell you, plus i would boil the water first, i would set it all up on top of a mountain.

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I own a Haunted charging vessel box, it looks really esquisite piece, i have never used something like it it is only small when i made the purchase the seller say instruction is given when purchase it, but ive never received a email regarding any form of instructions ever, and i have contact the seller 2 times in the row and i get know reply on how to use it how to create a haunted item that is what i purchased, it is a Haunted charging vessel box, that i can put inverted pentagrams, pentagrams, amulets, crystals, graveyard dirt into the vessel box for charging, making Haunted entity to create Haunted items, and i have never received any form of instructions, would you know anything of the prossess thank you, also a stainless steel inverted pentagram got delivered to today and it looks really chromed up best i have seen spectacular so i thought to myself m i never received instruction how to use vessel just wondering, i make a Haunted stainless steel inverted pentagram so i put into the Haunted charging vessel box and some Human bone power in with it, i put lid back on, and put it into my spare room on my Alter infront of by the haunted Dybbuk Satanic statue, and left it their, i don’t know how long to store the inverted pentagram i haven’t got the foggyist, im getting alot of excelleration, head and body rush feelings coming from the Haunted charging vessel box, and im sitting up in my lounge room watching Tv, must be more powerful then i thought, also a 80mm piece of Fulgurite came today must of come from a place of power, i could feel the colossal power coming from a piece of Fulgurite like that, and i thought when i finish creating a haunted inverted pentagram, i do this next follow by my piece of vanadinite crystal, followed by the piece of Autunite crystal, then the graveyard dirt, demon oils from Luciferian Apotheca, when i receive delivery gee i am going to create a Haunted Nexus Urn of infernal power, now if you want to see the Haunted charging vessel box, now it is on this forum under charging vessel you shouldn’t miss it have a look see what you think ok.

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