Rose of Jericho plant any thoughts?

I bought this plant at a witchy shop. I’ve read a lot about this ‘resurrection’ plant good for money and prosperity. I added money into the bowl and plan in saving some of the water. How do I use the plant? What spirit is associated with this?


Well, for actually experienced ideas, I can’t help but.

Looking at your photograph, I’d personally rethink how I did that. I’d actually bury the money in the soil, rather than risk hurting the leaves and stems of the plant, or effecting how it grows. I believe, though I’ve not used any, that hoodoo and root working sometimes use money spells like that, and I know there are variations of love spells where you plant a plant with the intentions of the love growing or prosperity growing as you care for the plant. (yes I know it’s a prosperity plant, but it reminds me of the things I’ve read as far as using live plants go)

So what I’m getting at, is it bothers me that the money is on top of the plant, it’s probably not really hurting it and I’m sure you weren’t careless or rough with it, but something about it feels wrong to me, so I would almost do a mini ritual thing with it, and plant that money underneath it, and while I did so I would hold onto the intention, that as I cared for the plant, my prosperity would grow, just as the plant does.

I’ve experienced some weird shit with plant spirits, and I think this one would be happier if the money was relocated, but that’s just my personal scan/ reading of the plant from the photograph, so do as thou wilt and good luck with it :slight_smile:

As far as day to day use goes, you can use the leaves in any ritual that the purpose feels like it relates. Create candle dressings, oils, etc. A quick search on google shows a lot of ideas when it comes to that, and caring for the plant will make the use of it’s parts stronger in your magic imop.

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That’s cool

Rose of Jericho is very treasured and beloved in Voodou and Hoodoo houses. You have a very inherently powerful herb that can do more than grant abundance.

According to lore, it is the tumble weed that Jesus met in the desert that would help him with his temptation with the devil, or so the story goes. The actual plant itself is very resilient. It can shrivel up to retain hydration and once it reaches a source of water it returns to the green state you see here.

It can be called on in any rough situation for aid much like a familiar spirit and can take on some of the nastiest curses out there for you. They are no joke. You have quite the boon if you can work it.


I get people ask questions in online forums for others’ experiences, but this is one you’re better off Googling. Plenty of information is out here about how to use it.

No one puts money on top of the plant. Put coins & dollar bills in the bowl with the plant to not harm it with the weight of those items. Think of how people throw Pennies in fountains. The plant water can be used as holy water and for workings. The water should be regularly changed…it has no soil. SMH at the advice here.

How to use it, take care of it, etc:

Besides the last person who replied the quality of answers & help posted here is sad. You’re better off using YouTube for helpful information.

How to welcome this lovely, ancient plant:

And use a bigger bowl so the plant can fully expand and thrive. It will wilt and smell bad if you constrict it & don’t take care of it