Root Work

Hey guys!!! I’m looking for the most powerful type of root work.

Anybody with knowledge your books on it, please help. I’m looking for serious practitioners and information only.


Thank you


Powerful in what way? Self mastery, influence, money, etc?

Meaning not the fake people you see on YouTube making up lies.

I’m looking for real ligit knowledge for good and for bad practices.

Over all looking to master the art. Or at least be highly proficient.

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I began in Hermetics. I do not adhere to many of their principles any longer, but I use their system as a foundation for every working I do. Over the years I custom tailored their approach to certain things such as evocation, philosophy of and source of magick power, etc, to fit my own methods and values, but the core of what I took from it has been the most influential factor in my practice to date and has been a boon to me in terms of power, spiritual, material or ephemeral alike.

It also carries over quite well into LHP work. Many practitioners shun the system because of it’s RHP ideals, but I would say that should be no trouble for one who is of sound mind and strong will. If you ever want to chat on the subject feel free to PM me.


I would have to disagree with the RHP statement. Hermetics can and will take you into all kinds of work regardless of path.
For me at least its long term use can best be sumed up in this quote.

The man of Truth is beyond good and evil,” intoned a voice that was not a voice. “The man of Truth has ridden to All-Is-One. The man of Truth has learnt that Illusion is the only reality, and that substance is an impostor.” - through the gates of the silver key.

This is with dealing with strictly the principles themselves. Stripped of any dogma people try to attach to it.

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Any good resources for real knowledge and practical application?

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Amazing book btw.

When I say RHP ideals I am referring to things like baneful magick, which Hermetic teachings generally frown upon. Also, certain aspects of evocation in that system are somewhat laughable. Threatening an ancient god in the name of the authority granted by (insert god name) is a bit absurd once you realize these beings are ambivalent towards each other.

Ahhh ok you are refering to the RHP system’s built using the principles. Solomon approach, i think the golden dawn goes the same route.

See I stick to use of the principles themselves without the attachments systems try to attach to them. Irony of which makes it easier to work with the old ones and all kind of entities when they are trying to explain concepts that leave you going “How the fuck does that even work?!”. Least it has for me.

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Is this in regards to root work???

In a way yes these principles can be applied to all forms of magic. Magic involving plants least from What i have learned works through the sympathetic vibrations that are in the plants. This can make it possible to take certain herbs,roots,seeds ect and use those in the operation. Whether that be making ritually charged tea to empower the astral senses or health to anointing candles, making oils poppets ect.

These can be further refined by the plants elemental and planetary correspondes. Which can then be used for specific goals. Be it any of the before mentioned or for evocation,divination into specific realms. I would think these concepts could be carried over into making specific gates similar to sigil gates of a sort for astral and soul travel. I havent experimented with these last 2.

Yes exactly. That was where I started. I found that the HOGD’s ritual systems, while often lengthy and dramatic, allow the student of the Art to dissect the mechanics of ritual magick because of the very fact of their redundancy.

Well, yes. Damn near any path working you will undertake has at least a few common grounds with the Hermetic Principles, usually more than a few. Unless you meant it in the more literal sense, which I believe was being poked at in jest above, lol.

Are we meaning the same thing when we say root work? What do you mean by it?

scott cunningham encyclopedia of magical herbs and his crystal and metal texts are 2 i have been experimenting with with some intersting results. For more experimental rituals i will meditate with the herbs i have to get a feel based of the energiea which would work best.

This method has yielded some powerful results.

I think we are talking about the same thing. Root work. Magical plants and there usage. For love spells, money, baineful, etc

Also known as HooDoo for surthern folks.

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On this? Start with The Emerald Tablets.

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The texts can give potentially good references.meditation can yield more powerful results at times. Also exploring the inventory at stores run by practitioners can give you an idea of what works for what. The sacred grove store is pretty good about that.

If you wanna explore this in ritual, I would recommend looking into spirits that specialIze in this, possibly working with Taprev from black magic of arhiman

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Oh actual ROOTS. Okay, I have been under the wrong impression the entire conversation. I thought you meant root work, as in foundational. Sorry, lol.

S. Cunningham’s book is good, S. Connolly’s book Wortcunning for Daemonolatry is also good.

Pow Wows: An American Grimoire is also an interesting read on the subject if you can get ahold of a copy. It is specifically about what you are asking, focused on the PA Dutch perspective on Hoo Doo.

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