Roommate finds free unexpected money on the ground

Earlier today my roommate’s friend told me how they went to the store to get soil. The roommate wanted some but wanted to wait until their next paycheck came. The friend said that they’ll get theirs then. Then they went to the clothing store nearby. As they were going to the car the roommate saw a $20 bill on the floor. Then the roommate figured “If there’s one bill there, maybe there’s more money.” So they looked around and found a $5 bill too. So they went back to the store and got the soil. Since they needed to pay an extra $7 to cover the rest, the soil only cost $7.

I told them before “When you get your chance, take it.” We went to a department store days ago and they wanted some large plant pots. They said they’ll get it next time but I told them “Now’s your chance to get them, don’t wait.” Sure enough two of the ones they wanted were taken by some other shoppers a little later so they got the other two that they were wanting.

In high school I remember swinging on a swing in the park across the street from the school. Underneath me were some quarters in a pile in the sand. I guess some kid’s lunch money fell out of his pocket and didn’t realize it while he was having fun. Had no idea that was going to happen (wasn’t into magic then) but when I saw it I took it.

Whenever opportunity comes, take it. I’ve thought of Bune recently (Can’t talk to him or evoke him, just thinking of his financial capabilities) since I have money concerns and the idea of “Don’t expect anything” in the way you’re thinking came to mind, money or otherwise. Just let it come however it wants to, not however you want it to.

I remember reading somewhere about how you need to let spiritual forces do things in order. It’s like building a house–the builders build the foundation, the handymen build the walls, the roofers install the shingles, the plumbers install the piping, the electricians install the wiring, etc. Some things are beyond the scope of your expertise and you need to be patient and outsource different spiritual aspects to come through in one way or another. Could be things like asking an angel do one thing, a loa for another, and a servitor for another. These situations are more mundane so maybe just being patient is all you need sometimes.

It’s easier for me to just “let go” and let the universe do its thing since my situation is severely limiting so any happy surprises are totally welcome for me. I’m in no rush so might as well learn patience too. Also try to distract yourself with other things. TV, video games, internet. Anything to let go of your stress and leave your worldly troubles behind.

They’ll be there bright and early Monday morning in the pile along with the dishes so might as well have a great time LOL!


Last year I asked Kali to clear any money blocks I may have had, so I chanted her mantras for a few weeks, and sure enough, during that time I was finding money left and right. I even found a wallet with what looked like several hundred bucks, but I had to return it because it wouldn’t have felt right to keep it. Not sure if that was the right move, because I read somewhere to never turn down a “gift” from the universe, because it may be sending the wrong message, but oh well.

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Can you please share her Mandras?

The one that I chanted was “om kleem kali kaye namaha”…

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when i was little around 7 yr old. I found a wallet or was it paper envelope with few hundred dollars as i came back from chinese language school. Took it and didn’t question it. lol. wasted it on junk food and remote control cars. haha. kids will be kids.

Two days ago I worked at a different branch from my main one and for whatever reason I did not like the feeling of anxiety I got, even though I’ve only ever been there twice in all. Maybe because there was no security guard, or because the customers seemed more obtuse than the ones from the main branch, maybe the different store layout threw me off, or the fact that the manager at that branch only wanted a certain amount of money in the register and wanted the rest in a black box, the feeling like this place was more strict, or because it was further out than where I want to be—whatever it was, I did not like working at that branch and couldn’t put my finger on it.

If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Money isn’t everything and safety and comfort exist for a reason. Whatever way you find money, tell the spirit you think gave you that money that you don’t feel comfortable getting money that way and see if they’ll find another that makes you feel like it’s the right decision.

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Two days ago my roommates saw a news clip on tv about how killers shoot people in public places and wondered what I’d do if it happened if I worked the cash register. I told them I’d run. They said to give the thief the money but I told them that if I did that there’s still a chance that they’d get rid of me to not have any witnesses. They insisted I give it up but complying will get you killed for sure. Only running provides a real chance at surviving so I said I’d do that.

Come yesterday a thief robs the store I was working at in the morning, just a few minutes after I got there. The way he robbed the store?

Stuffed products down his shorts and calmly went out the front door.

All that stink about what I’d do if I felt like someone was going to rob the store while on the job? I guess I’ll just look pretty at the cash register and let the thief slip past the door! Apparently he stole around $210 worth of soap, shampoo and conditioner as I think I was told by that store manager and from his dirty appearance and ugly balding hairdo and receding hairline, it looks like he really needed it!

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i guess you manifested the robbery. :man_shrugging: Or some spirit testing to see if you run. =o)

I don’t think so since I wasn’t thinking about it after the discussion was over. It wasn’t my main branch, it was another one which looked like a dive compared to the main one so it’s more the store’s problem than that discussion. Haven’t been there since as of now.