Robert Bruce: Exorcising A Full Blown Possession


This month’s Interview With A Magus is awesome!

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As you may know, the purpose of these discussions is to provide you two things:

  1. Monthly motivation to stay active and positive about your progress
  2. Deeper insights into the successes and failures of accomplished magicians and mystics - so you can relate and feel inspired in your own practice

We feature the master mystic, Robert Bruce, is this month’s installment. As a personal friend of his, I can tell you that he goes into the finest detail of a few of his own most profound spiritual experiences- specific topics he rarely unveils publicly.

For example, you’re going to learn:

  1. The interesting lessons he learned from experimenting with entering other people’s physical bodies through astral projection

  2. How to actually meet your future self - his own Future Robert has been astral traveling back in time to meet him and share important advice - he gives a powerful tip for setting up this kind of relationship with your own Future Self

  3. E.A. shares his own anomalous experience where he performed a ritual that altered the past - and how this spiraled into the future, affecting how people and events are transpiring in the present

  4. Robert sit backs, and goes into story-teller mode, dishing the FULL STORY of his own full blown demonic possession - everything from how it started - to the deathly illnesses and psychological disturbances he suffered - to how he finally exorcised the demon from himself (with the help of an Ascended Master)

When I tell you this is a REALLY powerful, mind-altering, mind-expanding interview full of new, rich information you’ve NEVER heard anywhere else, I mean it.

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P.S. Coming up in the next installment of Interviews With A Magus is an in-depth discussion with Jason Augustus Newcomb. And E.A. has already told me that this interview is outstanding, and among his favorites thus far. So stay tuned to learn more.


I totally agree. I’ve watched it several times in less than 24 hours.


Timothy, is it possible to pay for these interviews with Paypal, as with the programs?


Great interview. I’m curious to hear Robert’s werewolf story as well now.


Just listened to it today. Excellent!
I’m going to start visiting my younger self. I can see a definite benefit in visiting your past self and learning from your future self. This is one thing I think I could get into, making it a regular practice.


I just watched the Robert Bruce interview today as well and what an incredible story he had to share about his demonic possession. Excellent interview! I’m thinking the same, DKM, about going back to visit my past self to give advice and change a few mistakes. I’m interested to see how that will affect things in the present.

At the very least, I think in theory and practice it has the mega potential to change attitudes and actions in the present. If you alter a memory of a thing in the past via immersion and alteration of that memory by guidance of your then future self, how could it not alter the present ‘you’?

With ‘events’, rarely can an individual see things entirely as they were from a detached objective perspective. It’s often a mixture of subjective and objective reality that we lock in as memories. Our personal biases, beliefs, senses and subjective views always taint those memories of ‘reality’, so, if this is the case much of the time, then what is stopping a individual going back to that ‘event’ and perceiving it from an entirely different set of subjective possibilities? Or as close to an objective perspective as is possible, if that would make the event more positive and fruitful ‘now’.

Food for thought. Again, what a great interview!


Bran, I sent you a private message.

For anyone else who does not have access to a valid credit or debit card, you can pay through Paypal, by special request only.

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Yes, I’ve seen but couldn’t reply yo you by pm. But thanks a lot!


A phenom of an interview.

I have used time travel in dreams when I was younger but not to meet myself. Shamans call something similar to this destiny retrieval, or moving forwards to a time that is prosperous and working backward. The shamans tend to beleive that the only thing they own is time, and the ability to move around in it, so very foreign to western ideology.

The exorcism seemed to be due to the rising sun and combined with the spring flowing out into the earth? It wasn’t very clear to me exactly what happened, or did the entity just get bored?(it doesn’t seem to fit that it got bored because of the state of grace that followed)

One thing that seemed interesting was this recurring theme of being connected with the guardian angel or higher self to connect to fuller power as part of managing exorcisms and the after effects.

It was a powerful recollection and humbling to hear the story, very moving.

Is Robert Bruce still in Australia?


So I just met myself last night. Pretty fucking cool.


[quote=“Timothy, post:7, topic:304”]Bran, I sent you a private message.

For anyone else who does not have access to a valid credit or debit card, you can pay through Paypal, by special request only.

Go to our support desk to ask for help with this:[/quote]

Got the links now! Thanks.


Yeah - same - it was a wish after doing some healing work - as a result of meditations and chakra work… the realisations required some kind of retro realisation - and in truth you are your own best friend. :wink:

Just integrating the changes now - hope your experience was great :wink:


Fascinating and informative interview. I especially liked his instructions about going to your past self, and altering the past. It put me in mind of Castaneda’s “recapitulation” process that his initiates went through. Hearing a similar concept from Robert Bruce’s view was extremely interesting to me.


Timothy: When a person becomes a full subscriber to interview with a magus, do they get access to the archives as well?


In a word - No


From The Psionic Supervillain thread…

[quote=“Timothy”]The interview series works like a normal magazine.

You get access to the interviews that we release while you have an active subscription.

At the end of each year, we’re probably going to take all previous 12 installments and combine them into a comprehensive annual album, which will be available by valid credit and debit cards, as well as Paypal.

The actual monthly subscription is not available by Paypal, due to certain restrictions they impose.[/quote]


Vagelli: Cool, thanks for the info.


This is fantastic, I remember reading Astral Dynamics forever ago. It was 500 some odd pages of very solid info and helped me progress so much at a very early age. Robert and EA, thank you for this !