Roast Me!

Anybody feel like letting loose on ol Rahnoren?

Feel like giving me a good roast? Go ahead, it is all fun with perhaps a dose of reality. Timothy did it a while back as part of his promotion for a book and I thought it was brilliant. Let that black magician rage, wit and brutality loose! It is your chance to let some insults fly and spill it all out!

Time to stop being all hugs and kisses around here and let someone have it.


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Just for the sake of not setting a bad example or being uneven in apllication of the rules, can people please do this by PM?

Quickly pop your name in reply, no insults or anything, and Rahnopren can invite you to the PM thread.

I’m going to split replies into a thread then make that private, this may be over-cautious but the forum exists as a sum of its parts - not just mods going round thunping people with the rule-stick - so anything that’s done will have a small effect on the overall tone, and this is generally a polite and respectful forum. :slight_smile:



PM me your insult if you want, that way you can fire it off when it is fresh in your mind. There is a purpose.

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