I was wondering if there was a demon associated with roaches? I’ve lived in about 4 different places in the past month and every where I go there are roaches. These aren’t run down crack houses either. Fairly nice places, but always with the roaches.

Could be a demon? Maybe someone cursed me? I dunno. It’s kind of freaking me out now though.

I hate roaches!
If you’re in the South (especially places with climate similar to coastal Texas and Florida), just get used to it.
Tree and water roaches are going to get in even the nicest of houses.

If it’s the filth roaches, then you’ve got a problem.

Either way, no idea how to help… I would love to get rid of those nasty bastards, though.

Found this
might be helpful
I’m going to whip up some of those roach-balls when I get home and see how they do.

You could do/purchase/get a divination? Or make roasted roaches to eat/offer to your new neighbors. - Ideas

These are one of my totem animals.

Whow, i thought about totem animals too when roach was mentioned.

Oh well,do bedbugs count too? Or are smbody else totem, damn the things i learn on tis forum totally. Awesome!!!

I’m a hobbyist who raises and studies undesirable insects like this on a regular basis. I’m going to take an educated guess by saying that it sounds like you’re having problems with German Cockroaches. The reason why I say this is because you mentioned moving to 4 different houses and still had an issue with these buggers. They tend to hide and nest really well in furniture and other appliances, so what you need to do in order to get rid of these guys is use a good bug bomb. Afterwards I would put down some bait and boric acid in the hard to get to spots in your house. This will knock their numbers down drastically.

These guys are hard to get rid of but if you stay on top of them and keep the pressure on them they will go away eventually.

Yea, I completely forgot about that.

We’ve had infestations of the filth roaches before… They came in on the clothes and in bags of some friends my brother had brought home.

Same with lice… damn bitch knew she had them and came over & slept on my pillow anyway. Absolute nightmare getting rid of those lil’ shits…

Someone used to send me giant water bugs as a threat (stupid bitch). For some reason they thought I was scared of them. I would just kill them and put them in my roommate’s room. She also send astral spiders to spy on me.