Do somebody know any ritual or magic mixture or fluid to enlarge penis a little ? i Dont want to summon a demon or going into any pact. But i know that magic works and for sure there is something working for this. Maybe somebody will help?

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Perhaps it would be more constructive to enlarge your confidence instead.


this is not a matter of confidence. sometimes small is just small :wink:


You know better. If that’s the case, then I’m sorry but I can’t help you.

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We spend most of our times stimulating women in other ways because it generally takes them longer to finish.

Your penis, pardon the pun, is just a small part of the equation. A penis is for sex, not fashion or confidence boosting.

I don’t know about you, but I rarely last long enough to finish her off. The vagina lips, clitoris, and area around the vagina are where the majority of the action occurs. (Uhm, that and her brain if course. Sorry didn’t mean to make it cheap)

It is a shame you can’t go deep and make her say “Wow! You are big, just careful ok … it is starting to hurt” … but that’s it. All you are missing out on is potentially hurting her and that’s not cool anyways.

Women love the look of a large penis. They love playing with them too, we need to be honest here. It’s ok. Big dicks are awesome. They also love the look of a big muscular man sometime.

The thing is, neither of these things actually helps them have orgasms and feel whatever it is they need to feel. A big penis won’t make her feel special in the long run. Pun intended. So is your need for a big penis for you or for your partner? If you happen to be gay or transgender, a small penis should be perfect actually.

Can I suggest using your magick on yourself so that you become a female orgasm making machine? You finish her off a few times in a row with “mad skillz” and she will develop an itch, so to speak, that only you can scratch.

Just don’t go screw up your penis with pumps and things. Break your penis and then you’ll be feeling sorry.

Enjoy it. So it is small. Any woman who laughs will simply miss out on your mad orgasm skillz.

Just be awesome in bed, forget about the rest. Lots of info about sex skills out there that most men are too lazy and selfish to learn. Don’t be those guys.


If you shave and use a penis ring, it might look bigger. Illusion is magick too.


honestly, no man has ever and im being very honest no man has ever made me orgasm by just fing me…

the only way ive even had one is by what he does with the tongue action in the right places. and then my mind has to be mentally into as well. thats part of why bdsm is great your mind is taken to the place before hand with the stuff that really gets your motor running so it isnt forever and a day waiting for one to orgasm. because it really isnt fair when a man is all about getting his but doesnt seem to care if she does or not.
and she cannot help that 5 mins doesnt do it for her. a mans penis is way more sensitive her clit and the small area around is about it.
but honestly if my mindset doesnt get there for me it wont happen anyway. idk why…but if mind isnt turned on it just aint happening.


Hmm you could try Dantalion for shapeshifting and mind reading…if you don’t mind becoming close with him.

I honestly think everyone can work with what they have…I’ve been with all sizes and none are too small if you know positions and good foreplay ;P…Among other things!


yea i can agree ive been with small guys that were way better then big guys.
most big guys in that area are all on an ego trip and think well its big i dont have to do anything but f her. but the that sex sucks. this one guy i know calls himself superman and has the superman emblem tattooed on it…well it is big…but the sex nothing id ever brag about all. and the ego trip the whole time didnt help at all.major turn off.


I once got with this dude who was known for being big…

but he literally was inside me for like 10 seconds then came…

I thought maybe it was the situation but no…he did it every time lol…and was NOT good at foreplay.

I’m not a fan of huge though…


i appreciate yours opinions and dont wanna be rude but like in 1 post i precisly said is there any magick way to do this ?


Edit: Might have something. Hold on.

Not to my knowledge. Even shape shifters don’t seem to actually turn into anything. Could be wrong.

Manipulating the unseen forces to help you in life, harm others or transform your state of mind is about it for most of us.

There was this planetary sigil that can do things that are out of the ordinary. I’ll try to dig it up. Back in a bit.

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i read a lot about bardon’s system and even spoke to high level hermetist and he said that is possible to do this but need years of practise controling elements

on the other hand plantes control our attributes and forces of specifcic birthday diagrams so u can be right Rahnoren

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Ah here it is: The second pentacle of Mercury.

… to grant unto the wielder anything his/her heart desires.

It is the catch-all pentacle.

You’ll need to learn about planetary magick and feel it for real. Make the system work for you so it doesn’t feel like you are throwing a coin in a wishing well. Clearly the results, even if it takes a long time, will be worth it for you.

The problem with this stuff is people don’t put effort into it. People just slap a medallion around their necks or walk around with a seal drawn on paper in their wallets and everything is just supposed to happen.

I’m not well versed in planetary magick. I do know at least that you need to connect with the energies from the planetary bodies and do lots of research. Get to know all of the correspondences you can. You need to believe it 100%.

The story in the Black Pullet is a great example about belief in magick. Although not about planetary seals per se, it is about talismanic powers. If you haven’t read it, I strongly recommend it.

You can do this man!

Also focusing on the blood vessels at the base of the penis, underneath the sack at the scrotum area … there may be room for growth there. Maybe some unused potential.

We know plants grow better when we send them positive energy and talk / sing to them etc. So the cells at the base of the penis might need some cheering up. Manual stimulation, or just massaging the area at the base of the scrotum while performing a ritual that focuses on the area could help.

You know what … I’m CERTAIN it will help. It can’t hurt.


Small dicked men can find happiness in love with a partner otherwise they’d all be priests eh?

Size doesn’t matter it’s the motion.

Not only that, big dicked guys don’t necessarily please a woman every single time. Do they know how to instigate a clitoral orgasm or a vaginal orgasm for example? Most men don’t.


A what now? Kidding.

We tried to boost his confidence, but the man just wants a little more length via magick means.

The planetary sigil and mental and manual focus on the cells at the base of the penis is all I can come up with as far as magick goes.

I thought Shapeshifters might help but seems like the shift is Astral for most of them.

Gallahad isn’t asking for a huge change, just a little extra.

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Gallahad, are you overweight or fat in you belly area? I know that guys who are a chubby in the belly find their penises look bigger in the mirror when they loose weight. You get more penetration too.

Edit:again sorry for the non magick advice.

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to be more precise inch or two :slight_smile:


Some serious focus on the cells in the penis. Energy working similar to PSI balls and Chi energy directed to the base of the penis. The key has to be near the scrotum. It has to be.

If you stimulate yourself without coming a bunch of times for a few days you’ll be able to get those awesome rock solid erections. That will give you the opportunity to do energy focus work on the base of the penis. Gotta be solid though, so when you squeeze your anus, you feel like your penis will pop.

Make sure you diet is energetic enough. This magickal transformation will consume a lot of energy.


i guess i put my two cents where didnt belong. so i apologize and will leave the thread. i hope you guys can help him out.

my ex used a penis pump but thats not magick. so i got nothing. peace :sunglasses: