Rituals with sigil from the book of Abrameline the mage

How have you used the sigil in the book of Abrameline with any success ? The book says to have certain power over four princes and that through the authority of the HGA the four princes would grant any request. I know I can ask anything from the four princes with success and I have plans to deep my feet in the use of the sigil from the book of Abrameline.
What else has anyone done different to see success in the use of the sigil of Abrameline in magical practice ?


Note this, those are not sigils but magical Squares.

Yeah, almost anyone believe they can ask anything from the four Princes with success because the world we live in now no one practice Magical Art anymore, it’s just evocation, invocation. Get the Spirit’s name and then go straight to summon them. That’s the difference here. The Abra’Melin method is an Art on its own, it’s not just about calling Spirits.

Other Arts include Pauline, Almadel, and this Trithemus stuff.


you may try to check on this


Thanks for pointing this out, it is my bad and I didn’t read what I actually posted until now. I actually meant magical square.

I want to edit the post to correct others contributions on the post.

Oh thanks for the reference. I have learn the use of planetary magic square to great success, I did made a bad mistake in my post with the use of sigil instead of Abrameline magic square.

Some months ago, I manifested my HGA but not through the rituals of Abrameline.

I have plans to dig deeper into the rituals from a very different rituals system from the one lay down by the mage, Abrameline.


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Did you use the magic square by Abrameline ? Have you manifested your HGA ? Are luciferians allowed to work with HGA ?

Yeah, I use it alot.

We understand it differently. If the holy angel is what you meant by that term, Yes, I have my guardian angel. But the HGA as people explained it, I know nothing about.

Anyone can work with the Holy Guardian Angels, regardless of what you believe in or what you worship or choose to do. But the connection, your rapport will depend on the angel. If the bond will be strong or not.

Because Angels and Demons are, may be, brothers but energy is different.

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I am not a luciferian and I believe in the one true God, i was just asking your opinion. Thanks for that.

You use the Abrameline square a lot ? Did you do the initiation rituals lay down in the book ?
HGA, I actually mean the guidian angel according to the book by the mage Abrameline.
Many of us that practice angel magic have one angel closest to us.
I am actually looking to dip my feet into the use of the Abrameline square.

Have you use any of the square for divination ? I am curious about the one with Uriel in divination.
Did you actually put it on your head according to the book description for use ?

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To answer all of this question I would have to refer you here.
It has the answers concerning the HGA/Guardian Angel thing, plus little insight on Abramelin work.

Yes, I have.


It is not initiation rituals, sorry. Dig deeper.

Read through your blog posts, great stuff in there. Great share.

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Well I have my opinion about what HGA ( the holy being ) are. I am not asking about a guidian spirit.

Opinion, isn’t what has been for ages, man.
Also, using that term HGA alone kinda piss me off lol because whenever I talk about Guardian Angel it’s what people think I’m talking about. And they bounce me on like, nah! The holy guardian angel is not holy nor a Guardian Angel, etc.


Do you know the work of the Holy Guardian Angel beside you? They are not only teachers, they can be a protector and a Guardian too. They are Spirits. But you said you’re not asking about a Guardian Spirit.

If I may ask, kindly, what exactly do you ask of?

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Personally I believe the Abramelin to be a grimoire about Lucifer disguised as a holy text. The book Lucifer and the Hidden Demons is a modern development of the magick, with the powers and methods of summoning for the demons found in the Abramelin.

I haven’t worked with the magick squares, though, so I can’t help you there, but one day I will dive more deeply into the text as I am curious to see if there is any link between the demons of Lucifer’s Legion and these squares. They could be completely separate, I honestly do not know.


You have right to your opinion and i respect it. Except you have gone through the lay down initiation rituals in the book can say otherwise, because the practice has remain a secret and all we read every where is nothing but magical speculations on the theory of how it works and why don’t work.

With the rituals fully perform, it will reveal the God sent HGA with which the practitioner will evoke powers, thrones, dominions, archangel, angels and demons.

I have attended the lectures that will prepare the intending practitioner on its journey to initiation in the magic of the mage Abrameline.

I practice with a different approach to magic and I have so many things the rituals setups that keeps me away from doing the rituals.

It is true that when you will have to use any demonic influence in this system of practice, then you are asked to make contact with the four princes of darkness in which Lucifer is the chief.

There are also Magic square that employ angels and archangel in the working and in doing any of angel work you will need no presence of the four princes.

There are many books available on the Abramelin Operation and the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel, if you are truly interested (It should be noted that the HGA is not an actual angel, according to those who have completed the Operation, but something else entirely, and Crowley himself stated that he used the term as a tongue in cheek joke in his and Mather’s translation of the Abramelin text and it just sort of stuck so we have no other term for it).

A few titles that might be useful are:

21 Century Mage by Jason Newcomb, who presents more modern methods for achieving the K & C of the HGA.

After The Angel by Marcus Katz. This book is basically the author’s magical journals detailing his undertaking of the Operation and its effect upon his life.

The Abramelin Diaries and Thoughts on Abramelin by Ramsey Dukes. Both books detail the author’s journey through the Operation and beyond.

Questing After Visions by EA Koetting also has a chapter on his experience completing the Operation as well.


This is correct.Holy guardian angel is you but a state of you which has never been interacted with this world.At least this is what I understoon from 21st century mage.

A person gets shaped by his/her immediate surroundings.We change so much from how we started, your HGA will look pretty much a different being to you.

Its not an angel.I think, Angel has been put there to describe its your personal divinity.Its not your guardian either but if you listen it, it will protect you.

I was gonna take the operation in secrecy but I am too impure for this right now.

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I may agree with you but even you have not done the operations therefore you made your point. Thanks for that.

Did I read it is not an angel?

You have not done the rituals and you can not tell me what it isn’t. And I have done the rituals but not as was layer down by Abrameline.

Let me encourage you to do the rituals so you can be sure. I was not also a perfect person when I did mine.

I have notice that the group of people who did completed the rituals would like to keep quiet about it all as they all somehow form some silent cult of Abrameline mage.

I am not gonna go in a pissing race because you are pretty much entitled to your opinion man.Three people said its not an angel, one also achieved his HGA here.Not counting unnumrable people who said its not an angel on internet and many of authors.Whose word is surperior?

Thanks for the encouragement but your view elitism blinds you.