Rituals to do to Get the Job

I have a super important job interview tomorrow. I have Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield. What can I do to secure this job? I am thinking Cimeries to give me an aura of awe. What else would any of you recommend?

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I like to do the bornless rite from liber sahmekh, that usually fills me with vigor, confidence, etc

If you shower the mornin of (I know some do it the night before), add magical elements like salt for cleaning, or herbs to briefly wash with.

The more non magic thing I do - usually after a inerview I send thank you follow up email - thankin whoever for their time an that you hope to hear back

those are a few that usually get me through an interview


I wanna follow up like, whateva ya do, ya don’t wanna get too complex or ya energy for the interview prob gonna get shot, is a balance

Not willing to do anything outside of working with Goetic demons. Pretty sure that was implied in the original post??


ah, my mistake - though I think in thelemic circles bornless one is used right before - persom and neberius usually get me good results, shax too, if youre feelin adventurous

Prince Orobas

He can make you appear in high esteem to potential employers and elevate your standing in the eyes of others. This can also be done to make sure your application for employment is viewed in the best possible light.

Good luck.

P.s. I’ve personally had Prince Orobas help me build clientele with my business and make my wares appear to be the highest quality in the eyes of prospective customers. He’s super effective.


I was just going to type this @Jetsetrose thats page 231 on the ebook and page 200 in the paperback.

Best of luck to you and keep us posted.

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