Rituals & Books that do NOT involve angels

Making money, removing parasitic entities, being able to learn faster, I’m looking for books that teach such kind of things, without having to work with the Angels.
Also invocating demons is a thing I suck at really bad, so that’s not a good alternative.


Quit over thinking - My first Demon was Dantalion, he seemed perfect, the book in his hand… Knowledge. I have severe Brain trauma and oh my my I am learning so much. Dantalion had me stumble here.


Have you explored chaos magick, the sigil kind? Also, planetary magick, goetia, Norse, etc. There’s really an infinite way to perform magick without angelics, and the resources on them are abundant. Here’s a couple good ones:



Rock on.


Do you know about Talisman?

No, what is that?

Something that doesn’t require working with angels or evoking anything.

Just cast it, and boom! It’s already working.

Depending how you use them, the Runes help along with different types of yoga, like Jnana and Raja.

What a delightful book- simple and to the point i downloaded it before but deleted it because of the illustrations but wow my mistake thank you

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Yep. It threw me off at first as well, but it is one of the best primers for chaos magick that I have seen.

When you apply some of the concepts in the other book by Spare, Bluefluke’s illustrations take on more depth.

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